The source of frustration in website operations is the lack of user cohesion

website profit has been the webmaster Operation website fundamental, regardless of the initial reasons for our site, will eventually return to the origin: make money. A website can not make money, then it will go to ruin. So, at any time, website operation must take profit as the origin of thinking. However, most websites are not profitable at all. What is the reason? Website operations are faced with various difficulties, and why?


for now, the webmaster consider profit model is nothing more than two kinds. First, the use of SEO method to optimize the site, so that the site has a rapid ranking, there will be a gradual flow of rankings, and then use the advertising alliance to earn advertising fees. For a long time, there may be business cooperation, advertising and so on; two, this model is guardian, most agree with is Tencent Inc. In the early stage by all means to attract users, establish the user relationship (instant messaging facilities), allowing users to reach a stable consumer word of mouth, and then later earnings. Either way, there is merit, the use of website optimization to make money faster, but long-term development will have some difficulties. The second way to establish user relations, this approach may be relatively large investment in the early, less profitable, it is difficult to adhere to the general. Because there are two kinds of profit model, guard and solutions from two aspects to analysis by web site operators frustrated.

1: website SEO optimization frustration roots is low user loyalty.

believe that many webmaster and do SEO friends all like to use SEO rapid rankings, cited flow make money. In this situation, the user through the search engine came to our site, then because of service resources, technical requirements and other reasons, they have become our customers (customers), it is because of the exchange transaction and let the website main benefit. This is a passive profit model, if their website does not have a good ranking, these customers may not find us. Even if we cooperate with each other, if we do not form a good impression, there is little chance of cooperation. In this case, user loyalty is relatively low. In the short term really can receive some benefits, but if the optimization encountered problems, ranking fluctuations, the impact of their business must be great.

two: the root cause of frustration in user relations operations is diligence and perseverance.

user experience, user relations, such as words, has become a word used by the webmaster more words. However, building a user relationship is a long-term process of persistence. Generally speaking, it is very difficult to make a profit in the early stage. QQ was a good example of the sale. Guardian said long time can’t profit, Adsense morale will be obliterated, the site will surely go to ruin. At this time, as team managers, money, time and energy will be hit, and family opposition will become their own obstacles. Like standing a row of forums by Baidu K half a year, at present, although all aspects have stabilized, but its weight and flow is not good. But the stationmaster still sticks to it and works hard every day

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