What is the lack of student stationmaster’s success most

dedicate to those who in the network touch Gunpa student stationmaster, the first to write an article please forgive.

01 years of access to the Internet, and now has a full 7 years, 80 for my students is quite early, because before college to find a lot of people never come into contact with the computer, teach him (her) for a QQ, he (she) happy for several days. 7 years, in the network of the world to meet a lot of friends, including many successful webmaster friends, from their body learned a lot, but seems to learn more, the heart more panic. Many people close to my network have been successful in business now, while I am…

nonsense or less well, the students began to talk about the lack of success webmaster what hope, veteran don’t laugh.

1., time,

time is the biggest enemy of students, high school students can not have a lot of time to manage the website, so that the site died, my high school that would have done a few simple pages on the NetEase, later died due to management. Students have ample time, can also feel the time is not enough, especially personal Adsense, too much of a person to do something, you are a programmer, and art, and is… There are too many things to do, is really busy, how to solve this problem? Yes, is the team team.

2. team

Everyone knows that the

team is very important, but there are a few people know how difficult it is to set up the team, I was a medical student, the students around all day or libraries; either all day playing world of Warcraft, there really three pseudo three; or playing online games. It’s so hard to find a few people struggling with you, not to mention that they’re spending money with you. They think they’d rather spend money on online games than spend money on building websites. No money at home, do not know how to describe the students now, handing out leaflets, suspected of the sun, to do promotions, not hot, too tired to stand… There are a few people understand that money is how not easy, my summer vacation time to run the business in a food company the whole day, outside the sun, I Changsha Road 51 in the highest temperature, withstand high temperatures in 45 degrees with the business to talk about business, take the salary when I really shook hands, and shook violently, the manager shook my hand and said: boy, don’t shake. Is not easy to know the money is good, then cherish, cherish your parents for every penny you! I dare not say I now understand, hope college students wake up.

3. original

what’s the soul of a website? I think it’s content for the king. Then ask your website to have something substantial, where does it matter? Maybe you should say, you can use it to collect. Indeed, the acquisition is indeed very convenient, and know the rules to write rules to collect rules, three hours can build a web site, do not know the rules written by sea acquisition, within two days can also make a web site. This >

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