Talking about the development of grass roots station

Internet development to the present, models and forms have been very mature, and big markets are big money bigwigs have carved up. The grey market was grabbed by the daring. So, as a grassroots, how should we seize the opportunity and cut the machine, against the current network environment? Below I speak, through personal experience and share my experience.

first briefly introduce yourself: from Henan, 99 years of Internet penetration tide began to frequent exposure to computers, and found that the Internet world can learn more and more knowledge than textbooks. High school secretly left school, began a long network road. 2000 started personal homepage, 01 years have their own works, logistics, information systems. 02 years, for the mother’s desire to enter the University from the new, during the University accumulated the initial entrepreneurial team. Third, the preparatory company, the main website development business, entrepreneurship so far.

first, in my experience some opportunities over the past few years the main line of analysis, of course, these are more opportunities for grassroots friends to share, after all, our environment has no strong capital accumulation, not playing the game of capital. What we can explore is basically how to get from scratch, from less to more, such low cost, high return model.

was 99 years, in a county, a friend to do a Lenovo computer when the computer margin between 500-2000, people do not understand too much, very easy to use, start-up costs are 5W pounds fix. The Internet didn’t have a good profit model at that time, and the portal also walked through the traditional advertising route. But at this time, there have been a number of people involved in the industry was more popular online, is the hook to make money, a man 99 years later privately revealed a Japanese advertising Lord out of the 60W yuan, is still quite moist.

in 2000, the year of the bubble, the network is not so good mix, at that time mainly technology accumulation stage, not too much attention to money making model. It is worth remembering that 2000 should be "game arena in vogue, 2000 will be able to open a business arena almost a monthly income of 3000-5000 small KS game arena. I believe we all remember a male, cold heart, a crane, etc. on the day. Rivers and lakes has been prevalent until 02 years, the rise of the legendary online games, gradually fade.

During the period of

and then to go to school, because residential broadband for public IP, I will engage in a PC free space for domestic webmaster, know a lot of the grassroots webmaster, also laid the foundation for this I will be at the bottom of the road where the details for later development.

this time began to research on the development of local portal site, 02-06 4 years of time, first side to side to maintain, to 05 years of local government friend referral information center leadership meet, she started a local portal website operation, preparation for the company, to give up the local portal for 06 years. Sum up: if cities with less than 50W urban population have enough information resources, they can maintain up to the maximum

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