SMO — social media optimization strategy

social media optimization has 16 instructive suggestions:

1. adds web site connectivity: Web site connectivity is determined by the amount of content that a web site can meet from a social web user. Old, monotonous, not updating the positive content of social media optimization is useless, so to do is actively update the website content, website content adjustment strategy, to ensure that the content of your website can let visitors to dare the interest in social network;

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2. websites and bookmark: to do everything possible to reduce the blog or website to add content source of difficulty, so that the user can easily put your blog or website to add an important connection or collecting them.

3. award links: link to your website who want to get something in return, if you can provide to other website links in the blog or website recommendation, certainly can let more people love to link to your site, but connected site also need to see the correlation;

4. easy access to the content of the website can easily access from other sites to your site, if there are a lot of people interested in the content on your site, you can make PDF, video, so that users more convenient to spread your content;

5. encourages mashup:mashup to combine content from different sources in a unified environment for user access.

6. tries to be the brains of users: try to provide users with useful information, and to make suggestions for users to answer questions;

7. rewards users who are helpful to the site: users who are helpful to the site are the best in social media optimization, and should be given timely rewards to enable them to sustain

contributed to the site;

8. participates in social networks and allows their ideas and opinions to spread across social networks;

9. knows how to get the target audience: be sure to locate the target audience accurately, carefully, and carefully, and avoid the community you are participating in. Don’t approach some wrong audiences with false information;

10. creates content: content is the key to social media optimization, and visitors can visit websites if they can provide timely content, because they also want to find what they need;

11., honest and sincere: never try to deceive visitors with a certain behavior, social network can quickly identify your authenticity;


modest and prudent

13., try and be passionate,

14. to develop social media optimization strategy

15. select the right social media optimization strategy

16. makes society >

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