Online game money sharing experience

believes that many people have to rely on online games to make money, but online games generally have a lifetime, do not see his life, your account can not be sold at the end of the game. To make money selling account, you must register the true information, the information will be provided to the ultimate buyers, some buyers do not pay attention to their own computer security, hacking, the buyers insist you do, light game / forum was greeting his fathers eighteen generation, while personal information was announced.

no matter what kind of game, the more people play more difficult to earn, what game if you are first closed, there may be a chance to make a fortune. The game seems very hard to make money. But now do what no social problem? What is not easy not to mention the money game? The game out is not to make money for us, since we are now in the game operators where a piece, it is not an easy task to

quoted a friend to play games to make money experience: money playing the game for nearly a year, found the best profitable game is the following:

1, the game will have to earn money to play the game, the game will not be able to get the game.

2, you will need to monopolize the game currency trafficking resources, that is to say you play a game currency.

3, the best local nature of the game, such as local telecom or company operations, a small area of gamers.

4, it is best to involve gambling nature of the project, such as landlords or something.

itself playing a game is fun, but if you want to make money, to make equipment / leveling…… boring and time-consuming, it is most important to influence their rest, their social influence, affect themselves and family feelings. Big brother and sister, the body is really very important, ah, after the trouble, money can not buy back. If you do not sell account, only in the game that day to day traders, nervous, concerned about the price, search for contraband, once the game agent company to a policy update, you may hoard good stuff into the dirt, can not stand the blow ah.

said the above problems exist, is not to be avoided and reduced. Do Wangzhuan projects are from scratch from less to more mature. Said so much, it is still in a sneaky way to earn money, inconspicuous place gold digging game better welcome thing and energy-saving AC. Thank you for reading this article, share station Fubao international surrogacy network, finally I wish you happy to play the best game player, also earned money.