Businesses should deepen their understanding of Taobao’s characteristics before opening a shop

there is no doubt that enter into the Internet era, the electricity supplier in the minds of people more and more attention, many people also joined Taobao led by business groups, but in the shop before, we must deepen the cognition to Taobao for the characteristics of good development. The author will elaborate from the following four points:

1, Taobao’s purpose is to make money.

the purpose is no doubt, Taobao shop in order to make money, we work for the boss is also to make money. Taobao popular such a sentence: "any profit free electricity supplier is a rogue!" therefore, in the legitimate and reasonable premise, through the Taobao platform to make money, must be the ultimate core goal. In the last meeting, there have been many sellers will sell some data store and we were sharing, annual sales of over ten million yuan and so on. As the meeting presided over by the second Taobao questioned on these data, need to change the way of thinking of the merchants, when doing the year-end review, should take the profit as much as the core of data sharing, light sales, but profit is not much value.

2, position should be right. If a few years ago, in Taobao shop, will be considered by many people can not find the job of the person doing things, the fact is indeed so. Just put the product on the shelf, sit and wait for customers to come home. Now is not the same, with the rapid development of, online shopping accounted in the minds of people is becoming increasingly important, but who is to say that he’s a Taobao, others will cast a envy, because everyone will feel this career fashion. Therefore, the right position is conducive to the late operation of less mistakes, go more smoothly.

3, the main body of the shop is: buyers (customers).

there may be some doubt here. Is it the most important thing for a shop to sell the goods? The most important thing should be the goods. But let’s think about who used it. Who bought the product last time? It was the customer. Goods are important, but customers who buy the goods are more important. Because customers pay out to buy goods, the profit comes from this customer.

so we should straighten out some attitudes:

first of all, to face up to their merchandise. We look at our own products, parents will look like children, how to see how good?. See most of the advantages, even if you know there are shortcomings, you may also make excuses to ignore the past. But if it is to stand in the customer’s point of view, just sit on the sidelines of the attitude, then we do not have to carefully found, seriously to understand the advantages of each commodity. So here we have to face the customer’s point of view of commodities, on this basis, the obvious advantages of the goods out. (this requires pictures, text editing, and several experiments.)

second need to correct attitude: goods are only media, and trust between the proposal and the customer is more reliable. When I >

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