What should be taboo on the K website

I am ashamed to say that SEO technology does not drop, can only rely on some basic optimization techniques to obtain flow to earn advertising fees. Combined with some simple black hat techniques, but it is also in constant battle with this search engine, the need to pay attention to some black hat techniques.

some time ago in order to test, made three simple stations, one of which was Baidu K dropped, we will first analyze the station, my personal analysis by K reasons are as follows:

1, including erotic keywords

2, forwarded a lot of Baidu space article (done pseudo original)

3, mass over

4, keyword density is too high,

After the

station, well, the day GG included, and keywords in fourth place, every day brings about 800IP, 10 days later included Baidu, IP per day increased to 2000IP, a week after K, this station is my personal analysis because of the keyword density is too high, in the modified the page density, now Baidu has already reincluding the website home page, so to remind you to do, just started to fast included can put keyword density slightly set point, etc. are included in the future to slowly down.

is talking about the second stop, the station hasn’t been K, but the core keyword ranking has fallen sharply, but in recent days it is on the rise. The reasons are summarized as follows:

1, using the JS jump, causes search engines and users to see different pages.

2, the construction of the chain too much, half a month can be found outside the chain of more than 14000 yahoo.


station, was ranked sixth in a popular keywords, then suddenly reduced to thirty-fourth, and then from my new design ", the JS jump removed, also made a substantial modification, modified web title and description, I know that this behavior is bold, but in order to test. K also does not matter, at least can be summed up an experience, now ranking has a rising trend, the website second days after the revision of the rankings to 33, third days to 28, today to sixteen place.

The following

to say the three station, the station is new, I in the test of high weight outside the chain of the site, just the station had purchased a large number of links, which a PR7, three PR5, eight PR3, and two PR4 of the total station links, the station Baidu included more than five thousand pages. The specific situation to wait a few days to see results included, although also often listen to the A5 predecessors said what Baidu one day included, two days included, but I have not encountered a similar situation, I do have to stand the fastest Baidu a week to put out, I should be technically skilled enough. After a few days, the results come out, I’m writing a detailed analysis of this station.

from these three test stations

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