Soft text is the best way to improve the reverse link


;       how to write the soft text? I summed up my experience:

1, keep writing. You would call me nonsense, it’s not, if you can do the following: first, you can look to see, even if you write something dorks, but as long as you write, nature has other stood reproduced (because we all know that many stations are a collection station. The acquisition is the thing, without thinking, it can’t distinguish the contents of your good and bad, directly accept), however, since write, it seriously, also is to write, why would you fool yourself? Are you right?

2, soft Wen Title: This is also very important, good article should match a good title, so that everyone is interested in looking. For example: "how to do IP5 million days," "successful network cheats", which title can be more attractive?.

3, say the content of the writing, I think this is all your pet phrase, "best is original", the article is not much, in essence, every day should be enough.

4, writing mentality: simply talk about my initial state of mind, when I first started writing, I was in a hurry. See others wrote copious and fluent a big pile of good articles, and a knock on his keyboard is what to write, even the title should be how to name all don’t know, that hurry. Everyone should have had a similar feeling, I will not describe it more. So say the webmaster writing mentality: must be in a calm mood to write, can also be a school teacher taught writing method we take out an outline and then according to precedent, so few complete it, this is not the school entrance, write well no one to blame you. If you feel enough words, send them out.

5, the speed of writing: we’d better finish after I finished, wash sleep, don’t die in a local consumption, concern and injury force, some are not worth.

6, oh! The article has been written. It should be released. Some friends will ask! Where to release it? Most webmaster are used to release articles in Webmaster nets, for do station experience, published in Webmaster network is right. But what about other content? The best choice of articles related to the station to release, the premise is standing to fame, Baidu update speed faster, if not famous, where are you sent to see? Send to no popular station, not released in their own new station on it? Ha-ha。

The number of

7, the paper published: according to their own time, two or three well-known sites on the line (such as: Admin5, Chinaz forum what) because there are a lot of people come to this collection, don’t worry about your article spread out.

said this half a dozen

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