Talking about my first road to build a station

long ago to do a website, but has no heart to do, until shortly before the visit to Admin5, see too much station story, which once again aroused my interest in the station, plus this time work is not very busy, so he decided to build a site to play.

since you want to build a website, you have to choose a topic first. Because he is engaged in the development of Linux software, so I decided to do a Linux programming portal, hoping to give the majority did not start or just getting started to help some friends.

has a theme, began to think of the domain, ah, now want to find a good domain name is really not easy to think for a long time, and finally selected learning and thinking of the three words Pinyin domain name –, not bad on the line, the domain name has also been, must choose the site program ah, looked very much this program, finally decided to use WordPress, because he is the most simple, then download the theme of Adsense, revised its own website now becomes like.


, I was looking for space, writing articles and collecting articles. In April 28th, my first website was finally on the line. When on-line articles, only 10 articles, the site looks very empty, but still submitted to the major search engines, then updated every day, every day can be guaranteed at least one new article, of course, the article also has come in the new online reprint. At the same time in the forum put his signature to this site links, and in Baidu know answer Linux related problems, so about a week or so, Google found recorded, but Baidu has almost 20 years of genius but found recorded strange!, then I see Baidu snapshot is few in May don’t know why, but in May 20, it was released, it is my third day record by the website put out, is Baidu search records to record the


again, the record episode, I went to the record, the record center said that the domain name has been filed, and I am puzzled, how could it be, obviously I did not record. Because the first time encountered this problem well, so I will not panic, the record is not my domain name a few dollars so naught? Later in the Google Baidu search on relevant issues, found that there are friends encountered similar problems, and according to them, first look at the domain name for the record detailed information (who prepared the case, which province), with detailed information, Communication Management Bureau call directly to the province, the details, and the related data from the past data (including domain name registration certificate, copy of ID card (domain name all valid documents), domain name registration application (their stated reason, the domain name has been filed, name and contact information), soon) can remove the record, then according to the normal process of record on the line.

due to update every day, the current site has 80 articles, really original, no statistics, in the end there are several articles?

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