Zhejiang village hidden 27 Taobao crown shop

North Village is a small village in Lishui Jinyun town at the foot of the mountain pot. But this is a small village, has opened nearly 100 Taobao stores, there are more than 27 stores reached the crown store level. Moreover, selling is not related to outdoor supplies and the local economy.

The main road

walk in the village, often see hoe farmer and chew the fat lady, here young people are out of work? No! A lot of young people do Taobao business in front of a computer screen, Wangwang (Taobao chat) issued a "drop" sound ear.


reporter in the North Village, saw the village set up a e-commerce distribution map, marked on a chart every Taobao store location. Today, this is only a small village of more than and 800 households, out of nearly a hundred Taobao stores, including the crown shop has 27, sales from 2006 to $800 thousand to $40 million.

surprisingly, Beishan village do outdoor activities. On the contrary, a town is the industrial city, here is the country’s largest producer of the band sawing machine, is also an important domestic sewing machine production, with outdoor supplies do not take sides.

it’s all about the villagers, Lv Zhenhong. In August 2006, Lv Zhenhong registered a Taobao shop, "just want to start a small business." The 17 year old Lv Zhenhong left North Village to go out to work, want to sell Clay oven rolls to get other business, later. Due to the influence of friends, decided to sell outdoor supplies. "It was in 2006, to purchase Yiwu, a stall is open shop, are indifferent." Lv Zhenhong said.

Lao Lu learning by doing, a customer feedback product is not professional, such as waterproof waterproof tent. Lv Zhenhong think, then do the brand. But at that time, several well-known outdoor supplies can not see Taobao, refused to online sales. Lv Zhenhong can only own registered trademark "Beishan wolf", between the product quality and pricing of goods and brands from Yiwu.

fortunately, just hit the rapid growth of e-commerce. Now, in total sales in Taobao, the wolf has been in the outdoor products in the top ten last year, sales reached 20 million yuan, in the outdoor sleeping bags, mountaineering rod, inflatable pad ranked Taobao sales in the first class of sketch.

villagers saw the rich effect, word of mouth, relatives with relatives, friends of friends, the village of Taobao gradually increased, most are sold in wolf things.

in the opening of the Taobao store Lv Xiaowei home, the reporter saw, the acquisition of the home of the living room for office space, the door is a computer on the left side of the right hand side of the tent. Lv Xiaowei slept in tents, tents, sleeping bags, etc. are all their own products to sell, he said, so that both at the computer side, but also to understand the product, you can pass the experience to customers.

was born in 1990, Lv Xiaowei just graduated from the Career Technical College, Hangzhou, after graduation to find a sales staff