Wang Changhe how to improve the conversion rate of e-commerce websites

for e-commerce sites, the most important I am afraid is the conversion rate, e-commerce sites are different from other types of websites, relying on traffic support, but also need to convert traffic into effective consumer customers. The main factors affecting the positioning, the conversion rate of e-commerce includes the promotion of geographical position and target customer groups, user experience, customer service, make products more attractive website brand, if these are positioning do I believe will soon increase the conversion rate of your platform. Many friends still don’t know how to calculate the conversion rate. Here, I’ll give you the next conversion formula. Site conversion rate = (browse product number / total number of inbound) × (access to purchase process number / browse product number) × (number of orders / access to the number of processes), namely conversion rate. In short, all types of sites can be monitored, the method is good or bad, mainly in practice.

geographic positioning and customer groups

below detailed analysis of how to improve the conversion rate of the site, first of all, geographical location and customer groups positioning problem. If you want to improve the site’s own conversion rate, first of all, you have to choose the best-selling products and products to adapt to the crowd, this is particularly important, only this point is clear, in order to carry out the site behind the promotion and marketing. If you are facing the national consumer I suggest to find a best city to carry out marketing, the benefits of doing so can save part of the cost of pre marketing mode, if successful conversion rate you can copy mode to the other city, you can understand that I will not say more. About network marketing and network promotion how to do, you can pay attention to my micro-blog, in the near future will send out my collection of micro-blog network marketing and network promotion of precious materials, I believe it will help you.

user experience,


user experience mainly includes seven aspects, namely the visit speed of website, website usability, web design, the appearance of the purchase process, merchandise display rationality, search and navigation bar, the bottom of the site information. Website more and more types of e-commerce at the same time, visitors and customers have become increasingly demanding, a good web site is the most important is the speed of the open web page, if 10 seconds and 20 seconds are not open a website, believe your customers from integrity considerations will not believe your platform. Do not feel normal. On the other hand, the speed of website opening affects the website SEO optimization directly. So choose a good virtual host is the key, for example, xirang, Internet and other 59 civilink large agents, not in order to save hundreds of dollars and the loss of orders, we do not know about the space of choice if you can add my QQ, I will share with you with.

improves the usability of the store by allowing customers to find goods, the purchase process is simple and quick, and sometimes even minor changes can lead to significant buying conversion rates. For e-commerce sites, the ultimate goal is to sell, but if buyers can’t find your site, produce >

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