Website optimization, insist on originality

started SEo to the present, and it was also a period of time, and had done a few better projects. It was a success. But I made a lot of mistakes, too..

the most important performance is the mass comment, was search engine K, I 2 stations. Depressed. So later I understand, mass information is dangerous, must have sober understanding,.

personally, I’ve recently summed up a set of methods that are simple and practical:


program set up: program to take some factors to optimize the make up, such as keywords, description, title, choose the best HTML, the site map, the code is simple. There is no longer a detailed… Etc., to talk; but the first point is important, the brothers do not misuse chop wood.

2, to increase high quality and effective friendship connection; the best choice of the industry, pr=2 more than a few connections;

3, the website adds news, this is what I want to explain most, every day to update, and best to insist on original or pseudo original. I’m generally increasing the news by 5 / day, for example, my Company news, I insist on all original. Other news insists on false originality.

4, group built blog.

registers some blogs and updates them on some websites. This should pay attention to the method, or it will be deleted.

my blog Demo:

blog name: a nut story,

blog Description: for you to share the history of a nut because of the accident, there are many many stories, welcome everyone to come to read!


blog address:

I want to adhere to the above 4 methods, will certainly be successful! Welcome to visit my station, and I exchange QQ:442666789

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