The real reason why Li Xingping website group flow is big

Christ, the Bible, Matthew, the twenty-fifth chapter: "all that has, and shall be added to him, that he may be superfluous, and that which is not, even all that he has, shall be taken."." The famous Matthew effect is marked by areas you can imagine and you can’t imagine.

Li Xingping classmate website group traffic storm strong, has been a hot topic, any one independent website to take out, Alexa rankings are let other students envy. We can also imagine this is the Matthew effect play a role: do a resource (such as hao123), other website links, visited Everfount over, the flow of high starting point, and is free. So you can use the external link command to retrieve Li Xingping’s important website series, and none of them have links to other important web resources. When the site has a strong popularity, other websites active link is also logical. This is how the Matthew effect rises.

, however, the Matthew effect alone is not enough to play a role in traffic, if the site of the user’s stickiness is not enough, repeat customers, active users too little, traffic is difficult to accumulate into a scale. Therefore, Li Xingping’s success is because the site group strategy led to the initial flow of all its websites, but he himself is a website operator, in order to ensure that traffic will not produce "soil erosion" results.

go to see Li Xingping so much Gongsui website, it seems there is no lack of two kinds of positioning: one is the Internet teenagers in the low-end users, namely entertainment theme, one is all Internet people may have to use the utility services, but overall is still in the low-end bias. So, if you think the theme and content are tacky, don’t disappoint to switch it off because the site isn’t for people studying IT in the office building, Li Xingping.

people are more accustomed to seeing a high-profile stand up in the rich media flash look, that was really cool ah, but Li Xingping’s career site didn’t need the extra things, he may operate their own website in absolute interest, launched the target user content or service. The media’s snobbery bombing should be a harassment for an introvert.

Li Xingping made his low-key web site would not have access to other students’ attention in the primitive accumulation and development stage, but this is a safer approach, since he can not rely on public relations, media, such as if bluff way also can get the target user’s love on the line. Then, when the website was massive, people were surprised and exclaimed, "it’s too late for you to chase.".

you may feel the whole Li Xingping a webmaster, like an old factory workshop, not on the level, but I think, unless Li Xingping wants to change his outlook on life and website localization, otherwise he would like this, in a remote corner of East Guangdong, far away from the noisy arena rooted out of order, in his grassroots frontline, quietly doing his website, this will be more feeling, and.

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