How to tap the domain name dispute on 2010 minon opportunities network Catchwords

network communication influence is amazing, after the network’s "Jia Junpeng dinner" incident, the network continue to emerge out of a variety of amazing popular sayings, also swept the Internet "Everything is nothing" and other classic quotations currently has become a network of learning idioms trendsetter.

then, Hebei traffic accident scene in "my father is Li Gang", Baidu search ranking in the word "pear" (pressure, transliteration) market among the garlic prices skyrocketing out garlic (is you) and Huang Xiaoming sing a song with lyrics in a party English when, because of the "not at all" sounds like "too noisy" by netizens ridicule funny words "too noisy" are now a sudden rise in every corner of the network.

although, in others it seems these are classic sayings handed down on the network some real situation, but in some predictable, have very strong sense of business opportunities, this is the opportunity lies, when we search in the domain name in the query you have amazing results, these domain names are has been registered, although most of them are registered in 2010, but the garlic in 2008 has been registered, and the recently popular "awesome" domain name has been registered in 2002, we have to believe that these people predict too strong, this is just the way, there are even people in some network buzzwords on 2011 at present, staring at the ready for registration.

but fortunately most of these are.Com registered domain name suffixes,.Net and.Cn suffixes has not been registered, therefore, is not to be eaten later can drink, from a cut to dilute, in this regard, the linkage of the world investment analysts think: as the scarcity of domain name the resource domain, after once the market is opened soon attracted a stampede in crowd, therefore, the popular language of network above.Com has already been registered, then the other suffix will soon get robbed, who is the first one who is the owner of the domain name registration, therefore, want to get the market man, the best when there is a certain market vacancy quickly registered the domain name.

industry according to the past practice, the domain name once the market is active, the domain name prices will rise, or lead to domain name management system changes, there is a network of popular words cybersquatting case, will cause a new round of domain name registration frenzy, according to relevant sources, the domestic well-known business domain name registration price rises the increase is still not clear, specific.

therefore, the most sensible domain name investors will in price increases before the domain name registration down, the general.Com and.Net suffix registration prices are between 45-60, a 45 yuan of service providers, domain management trouble, according to the survey, the linkage of the world price for the domain is the most appropriate management and is also very scientific, the domain name and planning promotions during the new year, at.Com>

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