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in recent months, we’ve been hearing this feedback from ALEXA users: it’s becoming increasingly important to study the Internet behavior of users other than the ALEXA toolbar. In this regard, we ask and accept! We listen to your suggestions, and we believe that our new ranking system will be more suitable for your requirements. We now collect data from a variety of channels so that we can show you a better ranking system that will respond to the needs of most Internet users.

you give us more of the other opinions, we will work hard to achieve in the future. We can’t tell you more yet, but in the coming weeks, some of the new features of our products will be in front of you.

below are some questions and our answer:

: my website ranking has changed. Was the previous data wrong?

answer: the data before your website is not wrong, just changed. Install the ALEXA toolbar, the general Internet users may in the Internet and other interests and habits are different in many ways, we just put this "different" on our website show. Most web sites will not be affected by this "different", and we will also strive to make our new ranking mechanism more responsive to reality. The new ranking mechanism will better reflect the vast majority of Internet users interest and habits.

: Why are the 1 and 3 year old options missing in the chart? I can only look at the historical data for 9 months.

we’re reviewing the data, and we’ll be adding historical data in the last few weeks, and we’ll soon be able to restore data in the last few years. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

: will you change your ranking again?

answer: we’ve been trying to make sure that the data we provide is the most useful data. We’ll continue to adjust our algorithm, but we can’t predict whether any major data changes will happen. If you find any mistake, please let us know in time.

: I prefer the previous rankings. What rankings can you see?

answer: we also like the previous rankings. But we are tuning and developing our new system based on feedback from many users like you, and since we’ve finished, we prefer the new rankings. We hope you’ll like it, too. We think it will be confusing to have two ranking systems at the same time. So, we cancelled the old ranking system.

: do you want to know what I think of the matter?

answer: of course! In recent months, we have been collecting opinions and suggestions from all sides, and we will be glad to hear more. If >

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