Careless purchase domain name, my site construction process full solution

a month, the ferry is not included, depressed today, I give you talk about establishment of the whole process now, there are two purposes, one is to see the master their views, get help from, two is to increase the chain;

one, site purpose:

I am engaged in the bar code industry, thought now the domestic bar code website, not a good line of bar code download, although not much knowledge; the search bar code related information, but the relatively strong; if we succeed, flow, can put some of your own or another’s advertising come back, then began to flash… ..

two, station name, domain name selection and purchase:

takes into account several key points of website name: A. D. B. C. have a unique style of concise and plain content words auspicious, decided the site name "bar code I help you" as the station name; the next is the choice of the domain name, taking into account the easy to remember, the combination of digital Chinese barcode I help you "the first letter of Pinyin and the formation of similar speech domain, namely:; was inconsiderate, just in the domain name registration page in the query whether domain can register; call me friend registered for two years (the price of a year between 50-60, how much money forget, just know a friend at the cost price for the reason, registration is seen in two years a SEO article, said search engines will identify the domain name service, that the longer the time for registration, the smaller the possibility of garbage station); – the next day, I in the Chinese station A query of this domain name included and reverse link, it surprised ah, I just registered a new domain name, has three backlinks, open look, halo! One is the Baidu encyclopedia is a virus, Trojan horse of the dictionary, and the other one is Hongkong white sister newspaper what code, (really 6 production, intentional typo, so as not to be punished), originally the domain name before the 6 production sites, estimated that the station called "code I help you, let me not renew expired bought, kuangyun. 6 production six does not say, also had a virus into the wiki; was very depressed, but did not give up, hope to use their own efforts to lift has been right to drop the domain name; (after all, have spent more than 100 to buy a domain name, can not give up, hum)


three, site construction process:

1 station, about ten days, the basic website template is established, and the download volume of more than 100 pages, their original assessment in more than seventy percent; so in Baidu and major search engine submission site, expect them to collect, and keep every day more new and friends exchange several Links, at the same time in Baidu know to answer some questions and I left the site; (before GOOGLE has collected more than 20 pages, this may be the original 6 production station just outside the chain, let Google found a positive advance);

2, submit the website for about five days

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