Zhang Fangwen the real root cause through the website statistics to see the electronic commerce webs

The analysis of

site data can be said in the website operation is the most important link to our website, the behavior data generated by the user, we are an important reference for the improvement of the website, is our website optimization and operation of the general direction of the compass. So Zhang Fangwen thinks website data analysis is the core of website operation.

below, Zhang Fangwen give you detailed information, website data acquisition and analysis, mainly in order to obtain data free Baidu statistics, and focuses on Baidu statistics, a number of unique features.

number one: the number of visitors


IP completely abandoned the concept, but the introduction of a new concept of the number of visitors, I think the number of visitors to this index to statistics is more humane, but also count accurately by the actual number of users accessing, Baidu believes that as long as the cookie did not change, no matter how IP transform a number of visitors is to visit our website, because most of the domestic Internet users are using dynamic ADSL dial-up, so IP the statistical index is not very accurate, according to statistics Baidu cookie browser based on statistics is relatively accurate! So we analyze data when you can think so a number of visitors means that a person visit our website.

two: number of new visitors

what does this data mean? The statistical basis of the data is also based on the cookie of the user’s browser. Some e-commerce site promotional activities, we tend to promote large-scale advertising and delivery, if we want to see this activity affects the number of new customers, the new number of visitors is the most direct and most authoritative data. Tip: This article was originally written by Zhang Fangwen and wanted to see more of my original articles. Please search Zhang Fangwen or log in to my blog directly. My blog address is Zhang Fangwen (pinyin). Zhang Fangwen’s blog focuses on Enterprise E – commerce consultants,

three: page click figure


data is based on the user to enter our website, click on browse all those pages, the data can be directly tell us the website layout is reasonable, the user wants to have content on the links of the landing page, if your website jump out rate is very high, or each user enters your website after all the large number of PV (for the electronic commerce website), we think that your site layout is a very serious problem. We will carefully analyze this data, targeted for site revision, testing.

four: conversion path


in statistical background we can set up in advance to the transformation step installed statistical code on the website, if the user according to our prior preset route to browse our website, and completed the result we want, Baidu will automatically count the statistical results, and record >

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