Baidu micro purchase turned out to be, search engine marketing earthquake!

today, Baidu search product words, suddenly found that search results in more than a "Baidu micro purchase" plate, and the ranking is very front, and even suppressed the Baidu encyclopedia. Baidu’s new marketing service? It doesn’t look like it,

saw the results of Baidu’s Micro purchase, and my first response was that Baidu launched a new marketing service. But I was disappointed by the careful study, because it wasn’t Baidu’s new marketing service, but it was a collaboration between Baidu and No. 1. Specific ways of cooperation are not known yet, but it is certain that the benefits Baidu receives will not be small.

search engine marketing earthquake!


Baidu micro purchase, search results page is the direct adoption of the 1 shop’s product information page, there are pictures, there is price information. What do you see here,


according to previous authority surveys, when the search results page appears in the picture, whether it is above the picture or the following results, its click rate will drop substantially. At the same time, the click rate of picture information is far higher than his normal ranking should get click rate

such click rate results, it means that even if the money to buy the competitive ranking, the effect will be affected, of course, brand promotion exception. Coupled with the results of Baidu micro purchase very front, it means that SEO can get natural rankings, it is difficult to get high-quality traffic. This is undoubtedly "search for welcome" marketing "earthquake"! Do not adapt as soon as possible, there may be a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises are facing a crisis!


Baidu micro purchase on the user experience is better,


because Baidu has emphasized the user experience many times this year, it seems that Baidu is still very particular about the user experience. Then Baidu micro purchase launch, for the user experience and what impact will it be?

from my point of view, Baidu micro purchase for the user experience has improved. We do not Paizhuan, I will give you a reasonable explanation.

first of all, Baidu micro purchase related keywords, are popular product words. Most of the people who search these words have the desire to buy. You can see the useful product information directly on the search results page, and the natural experience will not be too bad. And the search results page clearly shows the price information, the time you can decide whether or not to click on the view, saving a lot of time to pick. Therefore, I think, for ordinary Internet users, the user experience will be enhanced.

is unfair to Baidu users and SEO companies,

as I above analysis, Baidu bidding rate will be reduced, the promotion effect in the end how much drops, not yet known, but it is certain that it will decline. And Baidu bidding enterprises, are all the way to support Baidu came to the user, is paid the advertisers, naturally hope to get a certain proportion of the ROI of the investment, if click >!

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