Let Baidu know you and recognize you

          K;     my blood lesson: the website was K again a few days ago; it has been two times in less than half a month. What’s more funny is that this morning I was talking about a good 800 monthly ad, and I fainted. I stand (www.fdcez.cn) K reasons for many, which is very important, part of the on-line, because the business development needs to rewrite a lot of code, new sites this approach for Baidu, perhaps fatal. Spider found you stand constantly face change, and is the fundamental changes continue, a small station itself weight general, so that the consequences are very serious. He doesn’t know you. Tell him how to trust you! Sum up a few points to communicate with you:

           ; must choose a good program before going on line. How to choose? Look at similar sites, and more to understand, try to achieve full functionality after the on-line.

         ;   2, the site must be arranged in the chain first, so that even if you change the skin, but also changes in CSS, Baidu will not think about this.

            3; after the on-line content is king, even if the revision, must have a certain weight, then in the change, stop angle is fundamental, stability overrides everything.

           ;   website user experience can be divided into two kinds; one is ordinary users, and the other is search spiders. Just think of a constantly changing web site. What’s the feeling of Internet users? It’s getting so fast that they can’t find the north! The search engine spiders is also a special user, you like to let you happy, go!

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