Entrepreneurship or work Look at successful entrepreneurs how to say

the difference between a lot of successful entrepreneurs and the failure of entrepreneurs is a good luck, a bad luck.


now more and more reports about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is increasingly becoming the choice of young people. However, although there are entrepreneurs who have made great products and great companies, more people start their own businesses in failure.

in the United States on Thanksgiving Eve, an entrepreneur in foreign programmers and entrepreneurs gathered on the social news site Hacker News said his business failed. He spent all his money, credit overdraft, sold the house, the family can sell basic sold. He has two children under the age of 6, and his wife is pregnant again.

the entrepreneur’s experience caused another entrepreneur Aaron Hillegass resonance. Aaron Hillegass is a large scale programming training and consulting firm Big Nerd Ranch founder, he founded the company in 2001, but the company really usher in the great development after the year in 2008.

Aaron said that after a month of his company to start the school recruit, he also often encountered good students do not want to join the company and want to start a business. So he wrote an article about his ideas on entrepreneurship and joined the company, although this article is a "recruitment post" to a certain extent, but some ideas are really worth Aaron the business ideas of the reference.

in short, Aaron believes that the best place to start is to determine the culture of a company. But in view of business success depends on luck, so if you can find a like-minded company, and the company is willing to pay you the attractive salary can allow you to solve problems, quickly join the company, don’t start.

first: the success of the business depends mainly on luck

many successful entrepreneurs who say they succeed because to find the right person, or the company’s strategy is good, or the right of investors, or quick trial and error and transformation. But Aaron believes that there are so many views, because they ignore the importance of luck. One of the biggest differences between a successful entrepreneur and a failed entrepreneur is a good fortune and a bad luck.

Aaron from the age of 10 began to learn programming, and later entered the company created by Jobs NeXT developers. Because of the use of NeXT programming language and Apple Corp have more experience, he founded Big Nerd Ranch in 2001 and Emily partners, mainly to provide Objective-C programming language programming training and other advisory services.

was far less popular than Apple Corp (2001>)