Difficult to handle special permits Niu Ye island also helps you solveUsers a year surged 700% bikes

6, entry and exit service industry

ofo benefited from its expansion plan for the two or three tier cities in the second half of 2016. More than consulting data >

4, protective equipment, safety box cabinet, storehouse >

cattle Island niurendao remind you that the special permit for processing:

shared a surge in bike users by 700%, male as the primary user,


2, legal representative, individual shareholders and other senior management personnel resume and copy ID card, and issued account at the county level public security machine no intentional criminal record.

at present, also founded in 2014, won the first tranche of the financing in 2015 is ofo and Mobell bike sharing the two giant bicycle industry". Ratio of consulting data show that in 2016 the market share, ofo record is slightly better than the v-mobile bike.

3, business premises, property rights certificate, use permit and lease contract, housing and storage warehouse floor plan, building structure and construction quality effective certification.

data source: ratio consulting

why these industries need a special permit? Because these industries is also known as the construction industry, refers to the business content and nature of business in the service industry, to be criminals use illegal and criminal activities, prone to security accidents, according to the national and local administrative regulations, specific. The industry by public security organs in the implementation of public security management. Referred to as "special line" or "special industry"".

‘s share of bike users surged by 700% to nearly 20 million in 2016. At present, ofo and Chinese Mobell bike is sharing the two giant bicycle industry".



2, also known as the seal industry: engraving industry, including carving factory, printing factory, atomic lettering agency, such as the use of mechanical hand lettering shop, a variety of process technology, various foreign business seal, stamp, stamp, stamp and other industries.


The high market share of ? With the joint efforts of enterprises and management,

so far, sharing bike industry chain has begun to take shape. Shared bike enterprises connect the upstream and downstream industry chain, users find bicycles through intelligent terminals, and ride through the completion of mobile payments. At the same time, the traditional bicycle factory also provides bicycle production for sharing bicycle enterprises.

data source: ratio consulting

domestic shared bike industry has developed rapidly over the past year, largely due to the addition of capital. At the same time, "the stronger the stronger", a large number of new sharing bike enterprises have sprung up. It is worth noting that, behind the v-mobile and ofo occupy a large number of capital, which is the most watched drops and Tencent. Drops investment ofo more valued seems to be complementary in the business of the two, but also can enjoy the flow of imports and imports and subsidies. Interestingly, as by Tencent of the investor this time chose the v-mobile bike.


general permission refers to the granting of direct licenses to applicants who meet legal requirements without special restrictions, such as permission to apply for a driver’s license.

1, hotel industry: hotels, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, bathrooms, resorts and other places directly with passengers to stay in


which bike is better,

5, others – running Vintage


burn wars unprecedented

the scope of administrative permission is standard, divided into general permission and special permission.

want to start business, there must be no need to handle the license. Many people know that this is a good friend of the island, but very few people know, cattle Island actually provides special permits agency services.

special permission means that in addition to compliance with the general permit conditions, the applicant also provides special restrictions on licensing, also known as franchising. If the business permit is basically a general permit, the licensing of the insurance and tobacco monopoly is a special permit.

ratio Advisory data show that in 2016, the number of mobile Internet users reached 680 million, smartphone ownership exceeded 1 billion, which provides a favorable condition for the development of shared bicycles. The earliest shared bicycle enterprise in China was founded in 2014 and developed in 2015. By 2016, the number of domestic shared bike users surged by 700%, and the number of users in the next three years is expected to increase substantially.

1, application report

data source: ratio consulting

4, the trust industry refers to the business entrusted consignment sales business enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households.

apply to run the hotel, pawn, seal engraving business units shall submit the following materials to the public security organs:

3, pawn industry: in the form of physical possession of transfer, to provide customers with temporary, sexual mortgage loans are non bank financial institutions collectively. Such as a pawnshop, pawn shop, etc..

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