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January Shi Sheng accumulate steadily, start again, created the day zsplat. Just three months, the number of days will get wisdom recognized by many enterprises, Sibelius, Anta, B&Q, John and other great enterprises have begun to use the day zsplat collection of consumer attitude data, scientific management decision.

"I’m in my own field of business, and what we need to care about is how we can create more value for our customers."." CEO will make a cigar lit, and he will smoke two cigarettes. The red light burning through the cigar can be seen as cool and confident.

recruit people difficult, they are hard headed, out of high treatment; supply difficult, they spent a lot of trouble finding channels, looking for suppliers; there is no user, they began to do push, large-scale subsidies. What is the result of you may already know, squeeze in the farms, experience and capital competition, run out of money, no subsidies, the user is gone, the supplier is not dry, a staff also resigned.

O2O tide, leaving Montreal scarlet, but B2B venture quietly become a hot chase capital, in 2015 there are more than 20% start-up companies to obtain investment institutions among more enterprises completed the four round of financing in the on-line time within a year.

Yang Haoyong’s idea is very simple, is summed up in two words: one is concentrating on the 2 and 3 line of the city; two is the flagship mobile terminal. Removing the ingredients of PR, hype and exaggeration, this time we invite him to share the dry goods, hoping to provide some reference to those who are starting or preparing to start their business. Specifically, in the past few years, they have done the following things:

enterprise service level, entrepreneurship requires more professional knowledge and more extensive experience.

Promotion of

3, mobile terminal is Ganji important weight of rapid growth. Yang Haoyong said, as of February this year, the daily average of 3 million 405 thousand people in the fair net looking for a house, of which 53% came from the wireless terminal. Moreover, the two or three – line city, many users of life services for the first time on the Internet from the mobile phone began. Go to the market, real estate business mobile terminal rapid growth, the first tier cities growth rate of 40%, second line and three line city growth rate of 100%, traffic and growth are among the industry’s first.

capital, B2B field of entrepreneurs but they still keep calm, steadfast in their professional field of work, for the service enterprises to create real value, Shi Sheng is one of them.

But in the face of enthusiasm into the

1, after the gold rush in San Francisco, a lot of gold diggers didn’t make money, but they made big profits selling jeans. Yang Haoyong think, when Soufangwang, homes and other competitors will be the main battlefield in the first tier cities, the two or three line urban property market is easily overlooked by opponents. In fact, in the regulation of multiple national policy and continued pressure on prices, first-tier cities has shown a slowing housing market trend, and the rise of returning home boom to a certain extent promote a substantial increase of two or three line of the city’s real estate market. In Beijing, for example, February bridal chamber turnover fell by 67.49%, second-hand housing turnover continued to decline by 37.97%. Corresponding to this is, after starting the year in Tianjin, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Changchun second city second-hand housing market supply and demand.

and the traditional cognition is different, perhaps first-tier cities intelligent mobile phone users close to saturation, Ganji statistical data show that the wireless subscriber growth is higher than that of the two or three line of the city first-tier cities at present, ganji wireless terminal at the first-tier cities the growth rate of only 40%, but in the two or three line of the city growth will reach 100%.

chat with Yang Haoyong over the day, the more feel that China’s Internet is a cock wire Market for the king, you cock wire service is good, you can become rich handsome. Through this way, fortune has 9158, YY, giant, Shanda, and now, Yang Haoyong and his fair market also through this model in just a few years, from Cock wire into a rich handsome.

Shi Sheng told reporters: "each enterprise has the understanding of the user’s attitude needs, enterprises want to know whether users are satisfied with their products and services, where needs improvement?". Especially in the era of big data, enterprises have strong demand for users’ attitudes and data, hoping to know a lot of users, but they lack channels."

ten years of industry accumulation, so that the day will have valuable insight into the industry. Gladwell in the "dissident" pointed out: "exercise ten thousand hours is any >


As the next trillion market in the

this case, in first-tier cities and opponents recklessly, putting more money and resources, the effect will be even worse, this time, the tentacles of the two or three line of the city.

in recent years, the tide of innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples under the emergence of a large number of opportunist: a programmer, he saw the fresh Internet we are doing, so he got a friend, a person to write APP, a person to do BP. A week later, they found investors with APP and BP, got a sum of money, recruited a group of small partners, and prepared to make a big game.

4, from time >


ten years ago, Shi Sheng founded day group, focused on network research, has many well-known customers to provide professional services such as market research, Boston KFC, McKinsey consulting, or domestic research CCTV exclusive partner.

2, the two or three line of the city is the most effective advertising bombing, in the past few years, the subway and bus ganji in two or three line City bombing carried out a lot of advertising, the investment to expand the visibility Ganji, for example in Wuhan, the Mianyang city ganji than doing real estate professional housing network visibility bigger.

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