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4 busy migrant workers and white-collar workers all day long. The boss and the superiority and work of the larger income gap is busy workers and white-collar dream dream, even as the second day occupation than stereotyped Party entertainment more meaningful, more comfortable.


is currently the most popular the most popular item is the WeChat marketing, we go to a restaurant for dinner, go to the clothing store shopping, scan two-dimensional code in WeChat, when smashing the golden egg, scratch, big wheel, coupons and other business activities, but do not know behind the huge business opportunities. Micro world WeChat marketing tool made a fool, no one need only simple learning can provide WeChat marketing services for businesses, the use of micro official website construction stunning template, easy fix a mobile phone WeChat 3G. And this simple operation can bring less than thousands of entrepreneurs, more than tens of thousands of income. For micro projects, investment is only a few thousand dollars, you can quickly recover costs. No doubt it’s a very good business model.

with WeChat’s popularity, WeChat marketing has become the current most popular, the most fashionable, the most promising entrepreneurial projects, some people join them to do some people but because be in full swing, the investment capacity is small, the lack of practical experience in the market and stop watching, then what kind of talent marketing for WeChat


5 are WeChat marketing training institutions or Internet companies, to provide the original network marketing website construction company restructuring, transformation into the WeChat marketing company is undoubtedly the right choice, backed by a good shade tree, easy transformation, while WeChat marketing training institutions Jinkou a, huangjinwanliang, but there is no practical WeChat in a world of micro marketing tools, is undoubtedly the right choice.

today my experience to teach you how to correctly do wangzhuan. The maximum extent to avoid Wangzhuan road kankankeke. I am 08 years contact Wangzhuan, mainly due to the work of free time, want to work to earn money. In Wangzhuan Road, have their own hardships, have the enthusiasm to help others. It can be described as sweet and sour.

can be divided into do Wangzhuan toil to sell products, do. See what you really belong to. In general, money online are students, office workers, worms etc.. The so-called do coolies, is to do other people’s downline, while making money to help others make money. And his income is minimal. This kind of Wangzhuan workload. Usually about 10 hours online every day. For example, foreign click, registration and domestic investigation, etc.. Selling products is the upgrade of the former. Doing this does not require constant online time, but the overall time of day is similar to that of coolies. The difference is this Wangzhuan income higher than the former. For example, Taobao and pat online shop, etc.. The last kind is to do website, have certain network knowledge. The main source of income is the advertising revenue of the website advertising Union and the monthly advertisement of the website. I love this kind of Wangzhuan, because time can be flexible allocation. Daily online time doesn’t take long. Usually busy white-collar workers, college students can consider this type. Such as Admin5, webmaster, NetEase, Sina and so on.

in such an opportunity and challenges coexist opportunities, a powerful, reliable third platform is extremely important, "micro world" is "Ji’nan cloud speed electricity >"

There are many traps behind the opportunities in the

Author: Wang Jian,

network. Wangzhuan opportunity and risk coexist. I am in Wangzhuan way, being deceived, was misunderstood. Every coin has two sides. Novice in do Wangzhuan must carefully observe. When buying online money making projects, first of all, see if you are qualified for the project. At the same time, use sh419 search the name of the project, to see if there are some bad evaluation. Or search for the number of the project seller, name, etc., to see if there is a "liar" and the like. In a word, think twice before you do any project. There are three generations of online entrepreneurship, the first generation by courage, the second generation by road, and the third by ticket. About to enter the ranks of Wangzhuan novice, think what generation they belong to

3 freelancer. Many freelancers like surfing the Internet, the growing strength of mobile Internet, this part of the crowd provides a broad stage. This group of like-minded friends are more concentrated, and small risk investment can be used as the best opportunity to expand the social circle and pave the way for future development.


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2 early entrepreneur. WeChat marketing venture risk small, high rate of return, the speed of communication, without many teams will be able to successfully expand the market. WeChat marketing strong relationship, heavy interactive characteristics, for the establishment of customer stickiness is obvious, once the establishment of cooperative relations, customer loyalty is higher than other industries;

1 college students. College students study life more leisurely, for the application of the network handy, if you do WeChat marketing more like a duck in water. Even after graduation from the local, the mobile Internet is not limited by geographical advantages, it will not have any impact on this

suggests that the network to make money, with the development of the Internet, the network with all aspects of people’s lives, people cannot do without network. At the same time, the rise of the Internet has created a large number of rich people. For example, Li Xiang of bubble net, Ma Huateng of Tencent, Ma Yun of Alibaba. These are the early network entrepreneurs success representative. With the continuous progress of the network, a large team joined the network to make money in the industry.

above is my experience, I hope to help beginners wangzhuan. A beginner can only make progress by constant learning.

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