Game trading website development twoHow do online novices share their experiences online

today, we can find innumerable companies are doing a variety of related virtual goods business on the Internet, most of them are Internet cafes boss or a game guild. He.

early game related transaction is derived from the game cards sales channels blocked, many parts of the game player, especially some small and medium-sized city in the game player due to the purchase of the card, can not continue the game. Therefore, only in the game through the purchase of other city players to obtain the card point, over time in the game will form a trading channel, and this channel henceforth also serve equipment and other transactions. Today, although the online various means of payment has been basically formed, but the game Dianka sales situation is still widespread, this is because many local pay game player is still poor, one reason is that many game player learned to play with a network of a network, to play, they put the game currency can be converted into RMB through a comparison, so try to get the game currency in the game, and then use these coins to buy game cards, to pay RMB to continue the game, what is more, they will direct the game currency sales, resulting in real renminbi.

virtual goods trading prospects

comfortable homes, designer clothes, fancy cars, and even a cigar from cuba…… These commodities that make people think about for a long time in life need the same in the game world. Those who still fail to understand that virtual goods can also be traded as commodities, have not yet discovered that the Chinese virtual goods market is shaping up. The misunderstanding is that they always think that the game is just entertainment, and in fact, the game is the community, the game is already life, the game has been a vast space necessary for the existence of the field.

, if you just want to make a little money on the network, my advice is not to go online, you might as well go to the stall every night, you can also earn tens of dollars. If you want to make a career in the Internet, or in order to learn online marketing knowledge, to serve your own entity, career and life. It’s necessary to tell everyone how I feel.

networks are similar to reality, or work for them, or do business by themselves. In the network for others to work, you can generally do design, such as the design of Web sites, design flash, design icons, etc., you can also write articles, write essays, write soft text, write speeches and so on. You can also help people type, post, publicity, promotion, etc.. In other words, work and reality in almost, there are techniques to do technical work, no technology, do coolie work. If you do not want to do, it is best to do sales, that is, learning network marketing, marketing work. This is in the network >


‘s mid term virtual goods transaction has been developed to include sales of a wide range of items including card sales, including equipment, items and even in-game characters. In addition, the game currency exchange way has become diverse, in addition to the previous "between money and money transactions, also spawned a generation of leveling, brush equipment etc..

a lot of new friends, plus me, are very concerned about how to make money online, in my opinion, it is necessary to share this problem with friends who do not make money in the network to share my experience and experience,


1. The process of Chinese virtual article transaction

, in my opinion, this needs to be self analyzed first, and see what you are positioning yourself for. If you have your own job, just want to earn some pocket money online, of course, you can do post and do some research to make money, click on what to make money. They can make money, too, or there will not be so many people doing it all the time. I tried to think of a survey Wangzhuan, half an hour every day, a month can also earn a hundred dollars, but imagination and reality, a lot of investigation need you in the investigation of conditions to the points, so basically you do the survey is not consistent with his requirements. Of course, not against the money. Have also done hang up money, and later, do not feel right ah, such a hanging law, presumably electricity is not earned back, it gave up. These do not have skills to make money online, basically operation is not large, but no one can ensure that you receive the money, even if the received and received many? Really rely on these to make money, you can go to study, or they are cheating, or pull off the assembly line very successful, there are individual. The master, may find some skills and methods, such as software instead of human, such as dig holes, or hacking techniques, of course these you may not, you might say, you are on the network is not new.

after the last part of the "game trading site development status" released, users reacted strongly, I work overtime, continue to talk about.

, a lot of new Internet users, making money on the Internet is too easy. It’s like many people thought they were going to the United States. They were going to the gold rush. As a laborer, they could become millionaires. And this idea of too many people, and then make money, it will not make money. Many people who see success only fail to see more losers. After all, on the Internet, successful people are easy to find, because they are well-known, will be spread quickly on the network, and losers who will know,

whether or not people agree with the fact, for nearly 30 million online gamers in China, they have integrated the game into life. In fact, it is not the game itself that builds the virtual space of online games, but the gamers who are enjoying themselves in the fun of the game, playing with their brains and fingers as a creator. It was they who built that virtual world, and they wanted it out of the world. Then there is demand and purchase, so the virtual goods in the virtual world also have their own value.

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