Overseas students to return to entrepreneurship is at 2017 Chinese on July opening of Dalian Haichua

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in addition, this week will also show how a bright spot, will provide opportunities for overseas students? This paper will be introduced.

in fact, Haichuang week long-standing, as early as 2000, the Liaoning provincial government to promote the northeast old industrial base comprehensive revitalization plan, decided to build a to attract overseas talent, technology and capital exchange services platform, Chinese overseas students in Liaoning Dalian Entrepreneurship Week came into being. Until now, Haichuang week has gone through 17 years.

, after the implementation of the policy will be many domestic personal income of the owners have greater impact.

Haichuang week not only in the national overseas talents has played an important role.


Chinese Haichuang week 17 years after accumulation and precipitation, has become the domestic and foreign high-level personnel an important window to understand the domestic innovation environment, to seek business opportunities, has become an important channel for domestic jobs, become an influential and brand effect Chinese returnees innovation platform.

this year, the Dalian hi tech Zone of a comprehensive upgrade of sea engineering policy. At the national launch of "The Belt and Road" technology innovation action plan, carry out scientific and technological and cultural exchanges, joint laboratory, science and Technology Park cooperation, technology transfer 4 action, the sea week will also explore a useful way to attract international capital, technology innovation, elite talent, innovative ideas together and enhance our level of innovation and Entrepreneurship with the transformation of science and technology ability.

July 2017 7-9, China overseas student entrepreneurship week will be held in Dalian. 2017 Chinese Haichuang week with the mass of entrepreneurship, innovation "as the guiding ideology, adhering to the" Heiner excellence · entrepreneurship China "theme, by the State Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of education, Ministry of human resources and the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Chinese Academy of Sciences, WRSA · China Overseas Students Association, jointly organized by the Liaoning Provincial People’s government, will the introduction of talent, in the project of scientific and technological achievements and technology of financial and other aspects of power boost innovation driven, convergence of Northeast revitalization and development of the new energy.


in the revitalization of the Northeast leading city of Dalian high tech Industrial Park is the core area of national innovation demonstration zone, since the beginning of 2000 hosted the national talent recruitment platform – Chinese introduction overseas students entrepreneurship week, a large number of overseas students in Dalian high tech Development Zone Science and technology entrepreneurship, 2008, also launched overseas students entrepreneurial engineering talents Dalian city hereinafter referred to as the "sea project". At present, the "sea project" has become the city of Dalian for the implementation of the national "thousand person plan" in Liaoning province and ten Baiqian project, the introduction of high-end talent to attract overseas high-end talent home business, and promote the Dalian hi tech Industrial Development Zone, build talent, promote independent innovation, accelerate industrial upgrading an important measure.

17 years of sedimentation, the effectiveness of Haichuang week gradually

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