Running to the head is the ultimate fate of entrepreneurs and even the worldSome views on Wangzhuan

The investigation project of domestic

first take my content field as an example. Before seeing a statistics: WeChat’s number 19% 100 thousand + contributed more than 70% of the reading, in the segmentation of the user is not abundant time battlefield, head value already boundaries clear. "To be above the waist can be enough to do the bottom will lose money." As Ma Dong said, the contents of the field as a Pyramid, accounting for 5% of the head they often have capital value, and evolution for entrepreneurs, the top 20% can be counted as a premium content, the rest of the long tapering tails, silent majority of those from the secular sense of success that is far away. Then, the content of entrepreneurship especially like an animal on the African continent go forward with great strength and vigour of migration, dusty loess, everybody to head blown away.

of course website is not a matter of one or two days, to really put the site to take a lot of time and effort to do website promotion, is to let more people to visit your website, paid advertising, do SEO. See how you choose yo, if you do not want to send money to make up the site keywords, through the search engine to get traffic, this is too many webmaster want to practice, but not so easy, the station also has been trying to do SEO, specifically how to do is not to say, not one or two words can be said clearly, there are many factors, how to find some information for reference, go to the forum for communication, continuous learning in order to progress.

we can through the website to get more revenue, do research projects, continue to go upward, Wangzhuan, seize the opportunity! text from

The to the head

survey has been make friends love most, because of its higher income per survey and good reputation, basically are companies, mainly to do some market research, so do not worry will not receive the money, the operation can be assured. But surveys are not always available, there are certain cycles, and each person can only do one questionnaire for the same kind.

‘s comments come from "explosion money: how to build super IP." there are other examples in the book: 8 million singles sold in 2011, 94% of which are downloaded less than 100 times, and 32% singles only

content: running

Wangzhuan is not what new things, many users are put into the network to make money in the ranks of the past, some people have made money, some people still continue efforts, can make money to see you how much experience and skills.

as Huang Zhangjin said, "give me a number, the elephant guild is a magazine." In the user on the efficiency of the chase, when forced to head the content is even more professional and fine, natural elevation of the entrant threshold — is knowledge of it, the so-called "self media" think of this name, can get a glimpse of it in the definition of powerlessness but is the history of a commonplace the content of vector iteration. Throughout the history of the Internet is not long, no matter in any field, also is in the pursuit of the efficiency of division of labor system, the real meaning of "individual" in the "leisure time" will sell products or services to the "individual" is not in the main logic of the evolution of the Internet the most recent example is the drops. In the content field, the "platform + individual" with the spirit of "going to the center" is certainly not the dominant color of the future.

interested friends can get offline through the website, the website system not available, like the program, backstage management, simple and convenient, the study will be, here is some investment, such as buying space, such as domain name to send money, the cheapest is more than 100 yuan, think about the point the small cost can be found so much to help you make money off the assembly line is very worthwhile.

the New Testament ·: Matthew: "if there is any, give him more than he needs; he who has nothing, even what he has will be taken away."." – whether you like it or not, the power law of the rule, we are caught in a near "winner" in the world, so that the majority of people are desperate, it seems to happen in any field.

‘s long tail is getting worse, but the situation is getting worse and worse, perhaps the bottom line of all content distribution markets. shlf1314 chairman Schmidt had sighed: "I would like to say, the Internet has created a fair competitive environment for us, and the long tail area is absolutely ideal, there are numerous segments, numerous product types, a new choice of countless. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although the "long tail" phenomenon is interesting, but most of the revenue has been from the head…… In fact, the Internet could lead to bigger explosions and more concentrated brands. When you get all the people together, they still love having a superstar."

is also very much, have a good many years of history, the credibility of the first, the country did not have to say, more and more people to join them, and profit from many, here is part of the work alone, some is to pull off the assembly line, generally to find referrals earn more money, but also difficult to find, many domestic owners use their own advantages, from the site to find people easily, like network, Chinese Wangzhuan is easy to make friends and make network and so on, is the domestic veteran, they have a lot of line, each new project will have a a lot of people to join, to pull off the assembly line for them is very simple, but the general person can only go to some BBS post or introduce some friends to join, this method is more difficult to find people.