For beginner CJ know my storyshlf1314 and Salesforce integrate AdWords ad service

first, everyone should have a website. If you don’t have a website, do it yourself. Both English and Chinese do not matter.

third, after advertisers have approved it, put ads on their websites. It is important to note that the data statistics of CJ are not real-time. The data of the previous day will be updated at 3 p.m. every day.

      for Salesforce, the alliance expanded its efforts to link its managed CRM software to shlf1314 AdWords after it acquired private enterprise Kieden last year. Salesforce will expand from allowing users to start shlf1314 AdWords from a Salesforce application and run it to a reseller like the shlf1314 AdWords platform.

fifth, CJ, you can apply for withdrawals every 25 dollars. Support cheque payment.

fourth, CJ’s account application is relatively easy. But you must not cheat. Otherwise you’ll regret it. Because CJ is associated with your address.

we do Wangzhuan CJ, this project is not to be done. Some domestic and foreign experts, to start CJ to earn the United States, more than GG knife many times. The popularity rate of CJ in China is far from that of foreign countries. CJ is the first choice for doing websites in other countries. This has resulted in many people in China not doing CJ projects. In fact, the CJ project is not as difficult as we think. Here mainly for novice say CJ, master can float.

      Salesforce Group Edition to allow enterprises to connect to shlf1314 AdWords and enter the relevant search words in this website to show their advertisements on the shlf1314 website, and released their ads on shlf1314’s AdSense service.

      Salesforce Group Edition software services with shlf1314 AdWords capabilities are mainly targeted at SMEs, with 5 users serving $1200 per year. The promotional price for the first year is $5 per user’s service charge of $600 per year. The promotional price includes $50 per year for shlf1314 AdWords advertising.

second, go to www.cj to apply for the account number. Then apply for more advertisers.

      June 5th news, shlf1314 and Salesforce are expected to launch a joint website on Tuesday, aiming to make the work of customer relationship management software vendors like shlf1314 AdWords advertising service resellers like.

new people make CJ words, the first three months of the trial period. Mainly CJ for your credit assessment period. Therefore, the new person is to do CJ, do not cheat. And go through three

      Salesforce marketing senior vice president Kendall Collins said the two companies jointly developed with shlf1314 AdWords Salesforce Group function of Edition software, and plans to sell the products.

      Collins said, this alliance is a heaven-made match for us. He pointed out that the two companies on the Internet to take a similar approach to providing services, such as the use of open application interfaces to provide services.

so, how do you make CJ projects?. In fact, CJ and GG make no difference. Only you have a website, and then put the ad code applied to CJ on the website, OK. But a lot of people don’t do CJ projects. They use GG ADWORDS advertising to get traffic. Because of this, the resulting flow of intent is more valuable. That’s why some people make 10W dollars in CJ months, while others earn just a few hundred dollars a month. Practice is to engage in traffic, as well as traffic value problems. For example, my blog, is to rely on their own natural flow to engage in CJ. Naturally, no one else uses GG ADWORDS to do more traffic. Sum up the process of doing CJ, here mainly for the acquisition of natural flow approach:

first, introduce the background of CJ. CJ is the abbreviation of Commission Junction, Commission Junction is the largest integrated online advertising company in the world, with more than 1000 sponsors, and every day there are new companies to join, support Chinese Web site. This company has a wide range of business and is well established in technology. Compared with other integrated network advertisers, it has the advantage of being paid monthly. But it should be so, so strict. The company supports Chinese Web sites, each recommending one person to receive $1.5 dollars. Pay the minimum amount of $25, the monthly payment.