How do websites make money New ways of earning profit for Shanzhai mobile phone networkAn experience


, I made a Japanese web page, of course, matching Japanese ads, and then hung links on my blog. Soon, shlf1314 included Japanese pages, and also had a certain amount of hits and clicks per day. The price was pretty high, about $1. About 1 months, accounts have been normal, and at this stage the test has been successful.

;   4; non natural traffic to do shlf1314 Adsense is dangerous for example: the purchase of traffic, my later traffic, although not purchased, but shlf1314 can not verify confirmation

first of all, clear what you rely on earnings, and now common profit models are: advertising, membership registration fees, text messages, join the league and so on. Let me talk about advertising first. The Internet as an important media advertising, but also behoove, must have the skills to do advertising, advertising as a means of business promotion and marketing, the final purpose is to let the possible purchase of this product or service people remember their product or service, there is a problem related to target customers, so do we also need to consider your target group visit where? Only in this way, will anyone want to advertise your website. For example: for example, the Webmaster Station, because the target access group is the webmaster, then the host, domain name provider is the main advertiser. The main goal of the Pacific computer network, Inc. network access is a group of computer enthusiasts, so computer manufacturers is their major advertisers. Now why many websites are on, but to advertise less? The main reason is that the target access group is not clear, such as the 9Flash, their advertisers are relatively small, they can also have other ways of earnings. Membership registration fee, including the game card or recharge card and other forms. Membership registration fee, it is the Internet’s unique way of profit, but also relatively stable, the most profitable way of profit, such as Shanda, Alibaba, Tencent, nine days, Sogua and so on, are mainly used in this form. sh419 and shlf1314 are also included in the bidding rankings. But now also faces challenges, such as Shanda faces the challenge of private servers, who are willing to have free things.


summary: 1, foreign station do shlf1314 Adsense, you can get a very high click price

              5; do shlf1314 Adsense 1000 knife / month, relatively safe, because afraid of leading everyone astray, here won’t publish my Japanese page.

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;     3, a Japanese station may be a good choice to do foreign language station

, let me say something about this:

one day, my movie site, disk array damage, all movie data all lost, so I thought of the movie station traffic released to the Japanese page, test the effect and shlf1314 response. Because the movie station access volume is very high, the release of the flow over every day at about 8000IP, the Japanese page click rate is about 3%, while the average price per click at around $1, so every day carrying $200 income, however, thought: not far away from the dead! Without it, shlf1314 received warning after receiving account disable notification, wrote a letter to shlf1314, explained that his own practice, but no response so far, the test failed.


to sum up, I personally think that if you are a personal website, if you have unique resources, others can not copy the resources, others can not

              2, from domestic IP click, if the volume is not large, relatively safe of course, if you are cheating is another matter

SMS is the main income of the portal, but as consumers become less aware of the freshness of the text messages and the norms of telecommunications, the revenue of SMS has gradually declined. Finally, to join the alliance, as the main form of income hao123, many personal websites use now, whether or not, there is no access to content, the first is to join several Union, many web pages in addition to advertising alliance has no content, it’s no wonder that even TOM and Sohu this station, is also full of ebay but I think the advertising alliance, alliance advertising does not bring much income, imagine you as a visitor, will enter the alliance click on these advertisements? That someone will ask, why there are so many HAO123 that income, this is because the hao123 set up early, has been established for more than 5 years, in a few years ago this alliance advertising less, many visitors are through these ads to know 265 websites such as eBay, that is to say, when hao123 than the more famous website, and now Who doesn’t know eBay, 265,

often webmaster asked me, now do what website to earn money, in fact, can say what websites have the possibility of making money.

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