VCs say they don’t expect users to pay for Facebook and TwitterWangzhuan failed after you should lau

perhaps you very hard, even spend more than 8 hours in the day time Wangzhuan propaganda, but not their own goals, just listen to the way someone said, every day to keep Wangzhuan forum posting, publicity. But incomes did not grow or grow very slowly.

each Wangzhuan, growing up in the Wangzhuan industry, have had experience of failure and success, the money does not mean not fail, not to earn money but also did not succeed, should not be discouraged. This is our necessary Wangzhuan mentality.

held in New York in the British "Guardian" of the annual Technology Summit Activate Conference group discussions, Wilson said, most Internet companies relying on advertising business will be able to feed themselves, if they require the user to pay, it is unbelievable. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter simply create all the value for users. "The idea of paying for users is ridiculous, because users are people who create value." Wilson says.

perhaps, you do not have their own website or forum belong to their own space, but only do some so-called free Wangzhuan project, such as: hook Wangzhuan, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan code etc.. At the beginning of the income is relatively small, but you believe that stick will succeed, so you insist on down, income gradually increased, suddenly one day, found himself doing this Wangzhuan project, the founder of the website is not closed is not a payment to you, although you dare anger and helpless.

Beijing on April 30th news, according to foreign media reports, the joint venture investment company Union square Square Ventures the venturecapitalist Fred – Werwilson Fred Wilson, known as Twitter, Foursquare and Kickstarter investment companies, he can use the platform to make money for the Internet Co always have their own ideas. He recently said bluntly that the idea of paying users for Facebook and Twitter was ridiculous.

when you experience these situations similar to the above, find themselves do Wangzhuan really fail, never want to say goodbye, and this Wangzhuan, please allow the assassin Wangzhuan forum to ask you a question: do you have any reason to reflect on their own failure? If there is, then after these failed Wangzhuan experience you should be happy, smile, don’t give up, believe you can reinvent the wheel, will succeed in Wangzhuan industry.

this is the assassin Wangzhuan forum webmaster original, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you.

Wilson also shlf1314 co-founder – page Larry Page and Sergei – brin Sergey Brin as an example, indicating that entrepreneurs listed in the enterprise should strive to protect the company’s culture. On the eve of the listing of shlf1314, page and Brin wrote publicly to potential investors, reminding them that shlf1314 is not a regular company and that we are not going to make our company a regular company." As Stephen – Levi Steven Levy in his new book, "into the Plex: how shlf1314 thinks, and change our life" In the Plex wrote, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission had requested page and Brin modify or delete them in the "manual" on the declaration of shareholders: let the company "to the world have greater positive effect" and "make the world a better place to wait. But page and Brin firmly refused.

perhaps you participated in many Wangzhuan training in many of the so-called Wangzhuan master fooled just want to hurry to give money to their Wangzhuan group, let them teach you how to make money fast, your hands have a lot of Wangzhuan tutorial, but eventually found their income is also poor, may enough to pay the bill.

, Wilson explains, >

also noted that his son was an enthusiastic Facebook user. On one occasion, he asked his son if he would continue using it if the social networking site started charging. As a result, Wilson’s son told him that he would leave in a minute".

when it comes to how profitable websites offer content and services for users, Wilson claims that the potential advertising revenue of the site is enough to maintain their business. "I am opposed to the assertion that" no problem can be solved by advertising revenue. "." "Both television and radio are free," says Wilson. "They are supported by advertising revenue."." But Wilson’s views were also questioned by other members of the group meeting, who pointed out that cable TV users actually paid for television.

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