A new algorithm of search engine, your website optimization idea where to go

as everyone knows, the search engine algorithm for three days in a small five days a big change, as fickle as a woman, elusive, even the webmaster every day around it, it will not necessarily accept you please. It is said that change or upgrade or follow it to keep pace with the times, this is a series of facts in the proof of the old ideas and concepts will eventually be abandoned in the same way until the same pay will not return the same results.

and a new search engine algorithm, your website optimization ideas where? In fact love Shanghai constantly updated things, can be understood as to optimize the vulnerability of repair, and strive to achieve more perfect optimization way to help webmasters get the more fair result, let the owners know not to take shortcuts to go the conventional way to be abandoned. At present, the rules have not changed under the condition that the website optimization idea is still the original and the chain, but need to make some adjustments.

first, fresh content. The contents of material also love Shanghai constantly criticizing, in favor of new things happen more, so in the content selection and the best combination of information to do original, while the content should be easy to understand, the key words do not deliberately cloth.

In the face of

the original

website optimization about how to do the original, odd billion in this small series of only two:

thus, prior to do so also benefited from the webmaster, original in this piece has been confused, is also the original way, suddenly do not apply? Yes, it’s time to rewrite the original method, changing the way to change to make some adjustments to love Shanghai. For the original, odd billion Xiaobian to its own website and share case. The odd billion network website construction industry belongs to the original content, wrote before are related with the "construction site", but the content of this field share is always limited, has formed the topic of love finally a commonplace talk of an old scholar, even Shanghai are tired of watching, so the original by care will be less and less, included is gradually becoming less or even not included. After some tests, the solution is:

The attitude of 1, high quality

search engine on the original content has not changed, as in the past to support the original, as long as the original content of value existence will give some appropriate weight. In the course of time, it formed a kind of phenomenon, the webmaster to the original and the original at the same time, in order to cater to the search engine’s preferences, to the original owners do not know why the last written solely for the website, this is the only point of weight. Why do you say so? There is a new title, regardless of whether the content of the subject, do a title of the party; for key words, regardless of the content of free layout; in order to read the value, content length, running account a lot; there may be little effect when these practices for love just out of the fire plan starfish at present, but this approach is not applicable, the more accurate the love Shanghai will suffer under the review mechanism.



How do you

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