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in at least 500 million Chinese, Internet population, almost all these people are confused, have the desire, there are unresolved issues, some people are willing to spend money to buy the corresponding solution, so the whole market you imagine how great? Your wealth is lying in the pockets of these people, as long as you fix the hundreds of thousands of customers can earn a lot of money, if you have greater ambitions, you can enjoy the exploitation of this huge treasure.

, this is what we summed up the Internet to earn three ax, listen to me carefully to come to…

my entrepreneurial experience is divided into three sections.

with the development of mobile Internet, in 2015, the Internet is bound to make money will appear blowout scene. And access to the Internet and mobile Internet Nuggets more and more people will! But, for most people, making money online is just a vague concept in mind, then this article take you learn internet money sanbanfu! At least let you walk less than three years

I sometimes assume that I am standing in the high sky, looking into the distance from the earth.

unfortunately, this business model has a natural flaw. Video is easy to shop, but advertisers don’t buy it. The company in Hangzhou, after smashing tens of thousands of videos across the country, has found the problem, and we’ve made efforts, and very few advertisers agree with our advertising results. Finally, in the 09 year, we fell.

in 2007 to see the Focus Media in the domestic special fire, at that time, whether it is the subway media, hospital media, bus media, LED all with the fire, have the dream to make a listed company. And I was ignorant, fearless, there is also an opportunity to get a Suzhou real estate group to invest 3 million of the cultural industry funds.

1, find a group of people with pain;

at this time, I found that the world is a 6 billion giant fish pond, and China is a large pond 1 billion 300 million, this surging demand is all sorts of strange things, these needs support from numerous enterprises, supporting the country’s economic system. There is no doubt that if you want to make money, you have to choose a point of demand in this giant fish pond, and then dig your own share of wealth.


when you look at the business with a problem – finding eye, you suddenly see that opportunities are endless, and the thinking of looking for projects makes you see no opportunities.

was the reason why can get such a high investment, because we start at the same time with a company in Hangzhou, got Softbank, CDH invested tens of millions of dollars, and we went to visit Hangzhou, we design the model with them almost as like as two peas video on, is in the shop called "urban fashion media". Then sell advertising.

every company you know, only help people solve specific problem, without exception, you have to do is to choose a class of people, and then to find them, you have two choices: find out after a direct transaction, they, most people do it; two, let they went on

it’s a simple change of mind, but it’s very powerful.

curved road!How exactly do you want to make money on the

2, help the crowd get the solution;

founded in 2012 e-commerce training "rich shop" and electricity supplier product sales, the company profits of 1 million 500 thousand in 2013, the company’s annual sales of 20 million. The following is a dictation of

I think at that time, we should have the ability to Softbank CDH than good resolution project or project

pit master share

then I analyzed the failure and wrote a

, the Hangzhou based company, said it would shop 100 thousand videos across the country to become another Focus Media. At that time, we were buying mass media by the amount of video, so we thought we didn’t have the opportunity to become a member of the public, but we should have the opportunity to become a mass media. So we started to get 3 million "500 video" in all the big shops in Nanjing, and even friends we examine, we also follow the video shop in Taiyuan, Changsha City, to unite to make the business in Hangzhou to buy.


these people have thousands of problems, each of which corresponds to one market, so there are too many opportunities, not limited to a few markets.


, the dilemma and ignorance of senior enterprise

one million is not a spectacular number, but for most people, the first one million in life is very important,

Jiang Hui, 86 years old, Jiangsu people, Nanjing entrepreneurship. In 2007, when the senior four, see Focus Media hot, follow the trend of doing video advertising network, get 3 million investment. Counterparts have received Softbank Ding Fai investment, threatened listing, we expect speculation by its acquisition. But then it proved that there was a problem with the business model of simulcast advertising. In 09 years, the two companies closed down together.

1, find a group of people with pain;

2009 study of the Internet, by the end of the year to do the Internet online education, in 2010 profit of 1 million, in 2011 sales of nearly 10 million, but the product is aging, new products did not keep up, profits decline. The company sold at the beginning of 2012.

3, butt up the painful people with the solution.

Abstract: 1, find a group of people who have pain; 2, help the group to solve the problem; 3, butt the painful person with the solution.

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