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if you try a lot of non payment methods to attract a spider no effect, then try some unconventional ways. If you know the love in Shanghai, love Shanghai, Post Bar high weight forum platform left on the site without a certain effect on the website snapshot update, you can try a soft promotion. Looking for some high weight site, with a soft situation to attract spider. Of course, your soft, high quality, in order to spread, and the soft inside to have a website URL, only in this way, these soft, at the same time the spread of attention to search engine crawlers, thus "forced" spider to update the website snapshot.

is more than some of my views on love Shanghai snapshot update problem, I hope everyone in the exchange at the same time can provide more and more efficient way to change this to the webmaster tangled problem.

want a lot of words to describe the spider visit website, finally decided to use a more appropriate word sense induction. Love Shanghai snapshot not update, the biggest problem is not the spider to your site, how to let the spider to your site to? It needs to master eighteen using Kung Fu to induce a spider.

method is the most commonly used to crawl spider often website to leave your website information (URL), and then let the spider to climb down the URL to your website, index and grab. But at the same time, you should ensure that your website information are updated every day, to ensure that the spider on your site to find new information.

love Shanghai not normal snapshot update a lot of people are met, people are very depressed and tangled. Often see this love Shanghai snapshot problem exchange forum and QQ group. In fact, an index of love Shanghai just the reaction site snapshot of many, he has little effect on the ranking. He was a search engine spider and website, website snapshot update that search engine spiders in favor of your website, and the content of the web site can also be search engine optimization index and index. Then the face of those snapshots not timely updated website or the website for a long time not updated snapshot the problem of how to deal with it? The best of Shanghai dragon about himself and solutions.

is a website that I use this unconventional way to get a snapshot of the normal. This website since the last line has now been almost 3 months, but a period of time before the website snapshot has remained motionless, the update is slow. I tried a lot of free means, but can not change the situation, then I use the soft Wen promotion situation for a week now, website snapshot of 24 hours, and included all aspects are very normal.

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two, unconventional way to attract spider

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