A record of my blog search engines situation changes

from Shanghai included the situation of love love Shanghai for change website changes are still very valued, until after 5 days included new sites, and after a week to release snapshot, so the current love Shanghai to the new assessment is very strict, the new station in three months ranking is very unstable, it is it is often said that the sandbox period.

Shanghai on the morning of May 6th was released in April 29th of the snapshot update. Figure

Google included, Google is the first change when the second day included new content, but also collected before not out, but also in the front row, the weight of the new collection is very low, so the new collection will be ranked in the following. Then Google changes in the second change that May 5th is the day of May 7th included the new website, but still ranked first in the old station of the original included, pictures:

Love is the first snapshot



before my blog is a two level domain name, because there was no extra domain name to do, but always feel uncomfortable with the two level domain name put before a weight loss drug list the domain name of the website here do blog. In fact, the station also had a period of time, before the love Shanghai Google included are very good, who love Shanghai and sometimes reached the seconds, but may be optimized over the good times don’t last long, with only a sea K home page updated, then I don’t want to ignore it, because the web site keywords a big competition in a short period of time is difficult to make up, then just on impulse to choose, so I gave up.

Look at the following

then used the domain name of the website that I do now blog, it is the site of major changes, change the title does not say, before the content is all changed, now look to love Shanghai and Google on the site after the changes included and reaction conditions.

first site is changed, then the love of Shanghai has not changed, ranking or included before April 24th the title of diet pills. After the website changes as my blog I have every day in the update of original content, then every day to write in the A5 soft. Until May 5th, I feel emlog is not very good, so he put the blog program into WordPress, and later as a result of data conversion a little trouble forced me to give up before the blog content, blog is equal to the rebuilding, but the title and description, keywords are not changed, so toss up to now, I know it is not friendly to the search engine, but no way I love toss.

In April 25th

can be seen from figure second preview is the second update website, then I Google included third pages that included this blog article, from these we can see Google for new sites included is very fast, but also very cautious, or.

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