On the influence of frequency on the website of Shanghai Longfeng update the

case analysis of just blog, I think the relationship is the most important point is that the content of the article, and the update is the most frequent site, many bloggers Shanghai Longfeng blogger closely around the Shanghai dragon theme to write, the correlation is very strong, if there is no more relevant website ranking will continue.

Are busy with the company’s new business

for half a month, long time no tube that several old website, did not add new content. Today the search target keywords, uh, well, in front of. Today is to share your experience, in fact, most of the time, they think of the webmaster every day to update the new content, even garbage quality content to the site of Shanghai dragon will also contribute to, this kind of understanding is very correct.

that said, why many webmaster think updated website can promote rankings? Remember that contact Shanghai Longfeng, saw countless articles, 10 articles updated every day, ranking will naturally come up. To keep the ranking, but also to adhere to the update, even the very poor quality is good. To do this, but the search engine performance is not too awesome. The search engine is not to see the webmaster, more to consider users search experience, love Shanghai is often over the grassroots webmaster. It can be said that in addition to news timeliness, most keywords are based on relevance to determine the weight and ranking web page.

here, Shanghai Longfeng method we can think about the enterprise website, as the enterprise website, also do not need too much to update, the process of enterprise in Shanghai Longfeng some attention, first of all, keywords appear in the front page in the frequency should be high; secondly, the content should be rich, and original, do this the enterprise website and however, not only is pictures and enterprises; finally, concern within the industry, the development of your competitors, "he

is a very simple example, search for "Shanghai dragon blog" "Shanghai dragon" and other words, you can find a lot of blogs on the front page, you might often focus on some grassroots celebrity blog, the blog may not update half month, ranking still exists. Why? I think this keyword can enter the home page, is certainly not easy thing, but most people is not so difficult to imagine, see some stone interaction, even Title did not appear in Shanghai Longfeng words, will have the same good results.

and a director to ask, the frequency of updates articles and meaning? Of course, but the purpose and that is not the same. Because the search engine to access the site, which included the new page, also want to check before the movements of the page. This is the kind of feedback mechanism. Included in the previous page visit, will the new URL is added to the access database. The method is very simple, want to quickly search engine included new page, just a few more in the chain up, improve and update the strength weight. In the previous article "four factors" weights of the website, they mentioned the influence factors of the weights of the web page.

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