Elements of the website construction of high quality should be included in the

space is more stable and better, stable space is conducive to the user experience, but also conducive to the website optimization, website is hardware based, the loss of this foundation others are empty. The selection principle of space, to see your client area, if your service is for the local, then choose the local space, so the site open speed, only in the city, the speed is very fast, if your service is for the whole country, then they should choose Beijing, Shanghai and other big city the best server, now two or four lines, to meet the different users. The choice of the domain name, of course, the shorter the better, so easy to remember, do not use Chinese domain name,.Inf domain name do not. The best choice of the new network domain name, network of big brands to improve business domain, domain name analytic stability, fast.

2, the website uses

3, the website

website to be concise, focused, clear the central idea, navigation design is reasonable, the key information in the website of the left, the place where love Shanghai love to the spider, users also love to see. The construction site to avoid the capacity is too large, do not use too many pictures, do not use a large number of flash, a large number of rolling pictures do not use, a website can have a scroll. The color characteristics of more industries, select the appropriate color, such as green products with green, do it with a red wedding. The emphasis here website of the head and the bottom should be unified, the best head of a file, from the bottom of a file.

The following

website uses what language and what database is the key to the construction site, we all know that.Net high demands on the server, if your server is relatively poor, so it is best not to choose.Net domain name of the program, this website open speed slow, slow internet speed easy to a fault, we often see this situation on the internet. The author recommends the use of the php+mysql website, a small request to the server, the website speed, of course, the website open speed also and procedures related algorithms, simple program website open faster.


The structure of the The colour and structure of

will focus on high quality website which contains key elements.

language and databaseThe

1, website space and domain name

includes the amount of information home, of course, the greater the amount of information the better links with the form, the best use of static links or pseudo static link, dynamic link parameter less, avoid including Chinese letter parameters. The background to add and delete Links >.

today to talk about the high quality of the construction site which contains elements, and how to build a high quality website. High quality website contains two aspects: first, the user experience; second, for the website optimization, the first is to address the needs of users, the second is to solve the user to find our products and service.

website optimization

high quality elements should be included in the construction site

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