From the perspective of optimizing the website without snapshot problem analysis

in the chain need to pay attention to is to consolidate, otherwise the spider will not interested.

website is like a rule of the framework, and the most important in the frame of course is inside the content, and the value of readable content that directly affect the user experience. So Beijing website production well after the first is to enrich your site.

In 2, The When a snapshot or

optimization ranking once what the problem is, to optimize the work you have done a good summary. From the analysis of the article, the title is excessive optimization, or modify their own or at the inspection period that led to the website snapshot problems do not arise.

chain with Links optimization problems

Links is to exchange business use each other according to each other, to be careful in this will be a drawback. So the exchange Links to consider, when it has been punished or controversial as soon as possible to delete, don’t let your site have also been implicated.

3, summarize and optimize the action points

website has some relevant classification, label and subordinate themselves, so in the website content must be in strict accordance with the standards for the preparation of these, try to cater to the positioning of the website construction company, make the site will not be K off can be sustained steady increase in ranking. The site where the best article is original, love Shanghai will give priority to capture the high quality original article. In the beginning of the enterprise website on-line, will begin to have a relatively good position, of course, this is the love of Shanghai to give a study period for you, and this period is also a period, will be in the first three months, there are a lot of optimization Division will seize this three months time to put up the ranking optimization.

1, website content optimization problems


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