About love in Shanghai on the website of the adjustment summary

found two phenomenon recently fell in love with the sea, the first phenomenon is that most of the medical station are now doing a lot of promotion promotion, the platform has very good rankings, including some news platform, is an enduring, and medical stations in the promotion at the same time also ranked in various browsers the auction, so there are a lot of customers are transferred from the platform above, although it burn, but still have the effect of.

in 360 after the listing for the Shanghai market and love, if love Shanghai do not want to lose their users, he must make the adjustment and change strategies. Upgrade love Shanghai algorithm, what the chain not, buy links can not change ah, copy and paste the article not ah, and so on, believe you also know that there is not much to say. In fact, both love Shanghai how to adjust, it should have a website ranking. You can not because of the adjustment of Shanghai and give up their love do not always pay close attention to daily love whether Shanghai will return their own station, ranking whether weight will come back. Every day in the attention, had fallen into the pit.

love Shanghai pay attention to the webmaster should know the user experience. Bring a lot of traffic to the site will be a good user experience, can turn out a large number of customers. So, do the station is the most important. Shanghai dragon world has a word called "the best Shanghai dragon is Shanghai dragon", believe in this love Shanghai several times of adjustment, the webmaster should be able to understand the meaning of this sentence. So after the webmaster do stand ideas, I think I should know how to adjust.

love Shanghai for large-scale adjustment of the site in 6, 7 and August, and many upgrades love Shanghai algorithm, many webmaster also because love the adjustment of Shanghai quit the industry, Shanghai dragon, the most obvious is the medical industry. Love Shanghai serious medical station hit, all the webmaster is obvious to people. So far, the medical waste station was K, do the optimization of the medical station included in normal circumstances, be out of power, ranking, do not know what time to recover. The medical station of Shanghai Longfeng er who are actively looking for a strategy.

, another phenomenon is not how to do optimization of the medical station, the chain chain chain related domain are very few, almost every day to update the next article, station optimization is not how to do or not to do the station, after the love Shanghai adjustment, ranking weight are soaring. This phenomenon explains some things to us.

here to share my opinion. Since the love of Shanghai now do not let the chain, not to do a lot of outside the station optimization, then we can put on the current power station to do, we should do well in the station optimization. But the station optimization, will involve technology. For example, the frame structure of "ah," junk code ah, write tag ah, love Shanghai love what kind of website structure code and so on, so it needs to know the webmaster website made. As for the station optimization.

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