A new station on the line three common problems with easy to deal with

has continued through the sandbox, each site is not encountered the same problem, but probably summed up is three. Maybe a lot of friends met, Shanghai dragon veteran encounter these problems is certainly not what big problem, but the novice encountered such a situation, inevitably confused confused. Today is to share some of his own experiences.

in addition, this situation also can foresee the keyword optimization difficulty. I believe the more competitive keywords, whether old or new site will not appear fluctuating phenomenon. Only those keywords competition relatively small so.

2. a key words disappear to the top 100

this situation many friends think is the site is down right, in fact, is often the search engine in the interior modulation, usually the search engine is that your website ranking on this keyword is not normal, transferred back to observe a few days, and his internal data processing is completed, it will recover. I have two or three stations have encountered such a situation, do not have to wait until the next update, ranking will reply.

1. a new ranking is down

keyword ranking

love Shanghai after several recent revision, the new online website will give great weight. Generally just the website included, after a period of time, the main keyword can have good ranking. But after one or two weeks, ranking will disappear, this is very normal, no daxitaibei. For example, before the Sohu micro-blog, as long as the application account, will have a very high ranking. Sohu such as micro-blog launched a month later, the opening of the new blog ranking mostly disappeared. New short-term rankings suggest that you do not care too much, conscientiously do a website, update the original content, not how long will reach the expected goal.

is a large part of the reason is because of the space and domain name, website hardware is a problem.

careful analysis, in fact, such a problem, the site itself must have some causes. The search engine is the machine, act according to certain rules, if somewhere there is a problem, do not intercede say wait and see. On my website, what is the most important factor? The chain, there must be a chain of problems. Familiar words, content is king, the chain for the emperor. The new optimization, even if you ensure a small amount of stable and update the chain, can’t guarantee you the chain spider system increase is very stable. For example, every day you update the blog in the chain, but many days are not included, a day of Shanghai all included, outside the chain of your relative increase from tens to hundreds of. The chain is not stable and let your keywords disappear. The reason that everyone can understand. A new site clean, conscientiously do the content must be right. If quick, want to use the chain to drive the keywords ranking, also can only meet this stick.

Recently several new

3. website wood touch anything, no

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