Method of increasing love Shanghai optimization ranking diversity chain

five, analysis links to the source of competitors, this method is the most direct, find a few of your competitors use webmaster tools found links to their love Shanghai, why here is love Shanghai link, the link is not to say that YAHOO is the best direction? Yes, but YAHOO search the direction of the links are some Links, but we can’t do that, your competitors may also buy links, so we can look up his love in the direction of Shanghai link, then how do I do not say.

, in a Q & a platform to find your own website and relevant theme section to do the questions and answers, you leave the chain in the answer will be many websites, mostly selectively reproduced, they are selected and their related content reproduced. Many examples such as in Shanghai know, Soso Ask the question and answer, do the chain, can quickly get the chain of correlation.

is currently in the China search engines love Shanghai or the boss, we are the owners of these around Shanghai to love, is no way to directly affect our website, the owners of these living in Shanghai love ranking. Love is our main direction optimization in Shanghai. Love is the Shanghai based optimization of structure and content, but in general we said the chain is the key, the chain anchor text diversity is very beneficial to ranking, Shanghai sex related optimization diversity chain access was seen as a important part of the network popularization, doing recently Babanu shopping station, combined with the optimization of the site during this period do various some methods of the chain, here to share.

blog, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er are in a blog, use some free blogging platforms, such as weight is higher, NetEase Sina blog blog, and the blog, can be used to link the direction of construction. If you have your own blog that the best, high weight, post on love Shanghai included, so get the chain.

two, for the high weight of the mobile phone forum, a lot of the owners also do not know, I do in the mobile phone Forum on the two month direction no 5000 there are more than 3500 links, as long as the set character signature, the first time to reply, in the post inside opening any Posts below are links to the direction of my signature can be widely arranged, must have the maneuverability.

today wrote this.


four, soft, many webmaster love it very much, it can be used properly the salutary influence of education. According to the theme of your site and write soft contribute to the relevant industry website, of course, many webmaster choose to contribute to A5, home owners of these sites, through the words of a soft paper can at least get more than 20 outside the chain, and with the time increasing was reproduced the number two or reproduced, the chain is Samuel is very extensive, in the relevant industry contribution is the best effect, such as A5 high weight website to you in the direction of link will also drive the weight of your site rankings.

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