How should the enterprise do website optimization Shanghai dragon

three: the 3 elements of the

many companies favorite website to design the website dressed, the use of a large number of flash, JS script program and so on, these technologies, has now become the edge of the web technology, seems to improve the appearance of website, but the website become Shanghai Longfeng optimization block elements, in fact the main site appearance is simple, clean and tidy. A beautiful picture is not much effect, in order to improve the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, distribution should do website keywords, website content layout should be reasonable norms, in addition the website should use more text, it is easier to search engines! The only way to form a basic qualified enterprise website.

now whether large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, or are self-employed, will need to have an image of their own website, and the website is more sales website. When we put the enterprise website construction, in order to allow more target customers to know our website, we need to do the promotion of enterprise website, especially the Shanghai dragon enterprise website optimization, the following is to discuss how to make the enterprise website optimization

two: the distribution and density of


enterprise website

for the enterprise website is concerned, keyword density is easy to control in a reasonable range, such as 2% to 8%, because when the business involved in the presentation, it is easy to control, but if you do not pay attention to the control, it is difficult to realize reasonable keyword density of some enterprises! The layout of the website, keywords or keyword density density is very thin, serious stack, this is not conducive to the website optimization

method steps


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both in Shanghai Dragon


: a web site layout optimization and the appearance of

tools / materials

Shanghai dragon?

good website title, keywords and description of the three elements and the 3 elements, and is mainly divided into two aspects, one is the home page, a column page, for the enterprise website, most enterprise website will use enterprise name as the site of the title, look no matter what however, this will undoubtedly reduce the searching scope of enterprise website, so a better method is to site keywords, long tail keywords and the name of the enterprise together, as the site of the title page, so it can increase the search scope at the same time, also can let users more accurate find sites for keywords and describe this two, basically the Title and similar, we must seize the core business, play the advantages of long tail keywords



enterprise website page title, keywords and description of the set, of course, also need to follow certain principles, such as a column is a closed.

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