The new Google performance optimization tool -PageSpeed nsights

then we click the "click solution", will analyze your website at present performance issues, we according to the corresponding optimization problem.

compression JavaScript



next to PageSpeed Insights, "in front of the web www.***贵族宝贝 house" as examples to explain, mainly divided into the following:

– remove the first screen content in the JavaScript and CSS

– enabled


– for the first time rendering should minimize

said the performance optimization tool, now many kinds of tools, Google recently out of a performance optimization tool: PageSpeed Insights, with a good. The purpose is to help the webmaster optimization page, which can bring the best rendering performance, especially for the mobile page.

The stop showing

– shorten the response time of the server

compression HTML

introduced the use of PageSpeed and Insights function:

– browser layout and rendering time reservation (2>

Google launched this tool hope to achieve the following objectives:

– in the real-time display of the content, should avoid JavaScript and CSS external blocking

compression CSS

– use browser cache

is very simple to use, please mengchuo: 贵族宝贝developers. noble baby贵族宝贝/speed/pagespeed/insights/, then enter your site URL, which began to analyze. Click the Analyze button often error problems during the processing of request, please try again later. Dismiss, this is a normal phenomenon, because now Google products in the mainland to preview up more slowly, can be repeated several times.

said that, in fact we experience is very clear.

server must be given a response (< 200ms)

image optimization

Analytics data show that now mobile page loading time on average requires more than 7 seconds, although it has been greatly improved in the mobile platform, but also needs to be improved, we can see as below:

According to the Google redirect number should be minimizedFrom the number of

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