Wang Shifan taught you how to reasonable use of classified information network promotion

in front of novice to attend the training class, put forward their own point of view. The following is to talk about how to reasonably use classification information website promotion problem. Shanghai dragon industry friends all know that "well classified promotion, just outside the chain, more is the brand", how do we do the promotion in the classification of information network

! ?

fell in love with the sea a "classified information network", and found the results too much. Wang Shi fan took selected dozens of good classification information network one afternoon, made of a document. After collection, was ready to show off in the group, but a friend is in the group to say almost gas halo. He said, "just to find a Witkey, there are a lot of classified information network system, the main task is to collect good, full and good, you really have nothing to do ah!" at that time, the pain ah! This is really good, I spent the afternoon with this the method requires only 10 minutes, and the quality is much better. Here is Wang Shifan to remind novice friends, I don’t like learning, all down to work, do not know to spend a little time to think more, improve the work efficiency of

I have all registered good account and collection sites, all together into the excel form. The next day, is ready to release content. Release the need to pay attention, when it comes back. The choice of content, is actually very simple. I like to do is "Ningbo registered company", then the information content directly with the pseudo original industry, change the contact.

through this period of time for the Shanghai dragon learning, Wang Shifan summed up his own experiences. You said at the beginning of the article, hope for the novice to unravel the confusion! Novice to learn Shanghai dragon, whether or not to participate in the training? Online training too much, if you really want to learn the Shanghai dragon, then teach yourself (view is not necessarily right, personal opinion) online! There are too many Shanghai Longfeng learning materials, if you want to start. You can look at the data. If you improve yourself, it is recommended to do a station, in actual combat constantly find problems, solve problems, finally summarizes the problems. I don’t recommend the novice directly participated in the Shanghai dragon training class, so will only make yourself more confused, I suggest that the model is such that the first and last collection of self-study, combat, usually do not understand the problem, to participate in A5 training courses, to master the teacher questions directly, this kind of progress will be great, and on their own in Shanghai dragon thinking ascension is also very effective.

, a website, content collection, account.

people more power!

site collection number, the next step is to register. Wang Shifan is just graduated, and several students living together. Yesterday was Saturday, all the rest. I went to buy a la carte at night, back mercilessly show my cooking, let them each meal. After dinner, began to turn to the question. Can’t let them have this group of white girl. Each person assigned a 10-20 website, allowing them to register. A small, 57 websites all fix the.

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