The six most basic site optimization if you do it

we have to do a series of optimization of the site itself, a chain is also essential. Because.


believe that Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster all know, a dynamic web site for the search engine is a very friendly, not like a spider crawling, especially a flash site, the spider can’t identify the site to express the content of. So we do when the site as the site static or pseudo static, this makes the search engine spiders are very friendly.

(three) site navigation optimization.

has its own website navigation, users navigate through to more detailed program to quickly find you want to understand the content, the same spider is through the column to crawl to the content of the page, so we do in the optimization of the navigation must avoid taking pictures, in the form of flash to do navigation. For the navigation sorting, generally in accordance with the webmaster to give the weights of the column height in order to right arrangement can be.

We usually

(two) website optimization keywords.

(four) optimization of website content.

(five) auxiliary chain optimization.

on the Internet now, Shanghai dragon has penetrated into various industries is the optimization of the site, can be said to be more and more popular, and indeed the Shanghai dragon optimization to our website ranking brings some advantages. So if we want to do a website you have to learn to master the Shanghai Longfeng methods and techniques, so how do we go for the novice to learn? Today I will share with novice webmaster six most basic site of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, hope for the novice webmaster help.

to our website every day there are many content updates, but we publish content is not blind to release, we need to ensure the quality of the premise, better and more reasonable to optimize the content, from the title to the layout of the content in the anchor text pointing to a series of work for each industry, content and display in different ways, so the author is not for example. If you don’t know your website how to reasonable content optimization, can refer to a great site with the industry to follow suit.

(1) static and pseudo static web site.

optimization keywords are generally mainly to highlight keywords for our title keywords for some tags, such as bold and H1, H2 tags and so on. There is for the web site keywords written description, let the spider can describe what you want to express the website. For the optimization of the picture, we all know there is no way to identify the spider, so we only have the image of alt attribute add keywords so that what is a clear picture of spider.


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