The content of the article is good enough, why not through submission

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?The effective way of the construction of the chain

website optimization has become increasingly difficult, especially in the love of Shanghai of original content about every day struggling to write the original webmaster, not easy to write a original, in the update site at the same time, another purpose is to hope that through the submission user traffic increase website weight, but with good original finish but, submission audit but the webmaster very distressed that their content is good enough, why do not contribute by

3, innovation. Today’s Internet era, whether it is the search engine or the user, all love new things, the original is now more about innovation, rather than repeating the past or with a view to constantly have new ideas, giving the content is not the same, not only allows the user to read your content with the smell of mg wax.

website optimization is based on the chain of high quality, and high quality of the chain is often through submission in weight high website and get others with links to reprint, but the premise is to contribute to the success of. Take the posting on A5 webmaster network example, it is a relatively high weight website, as long as in the above submission through, will give the site to bring a certain weight. But the article wants to pass the audit, really is not an easy thing, the original is necessary, and the higher quality requirements, there is no certain writing skills, I am afraid it is difficult to identify by the website.

When the content of

you can do more than three of the most basic, is the basic content of clearance, or to be returned to the submission is not unusual.

webmaster, when your article submission is not passed, first check whether your paper is really good enough. A good original content, you must have the following characteristics:

, however, the content of all aspects of compliance with the requirements of the original, the content is good enough, and still be returned, where is the problem? Odd billion network Xiaobian tips, as well as the title! Don’t ignore the importance of the title, the title of the article is not good also affect the submission. In a small series in the A5 submission experience tell everyone, even the best content, no good title, not by submission is normal. Before the small met website article was copied and posting on A5 owners of the situation, but before being copied submission, obviously small >

2, rationality. This article describes a point of view, hasty words probably cannot fully to the views expressed, so the space should be reasonable, one hundred or two hundred word article is perfunctory, statement and beautiful little also users of all ages, but the space also need not too long, often see the A5 people will notice, the most in a about 1000.

1, readability. The contents of the views expressed should be clear, the whole article is the core point, allowing users to see what is the main content of what you say, do not say first writing ability is good, at least the sentence is smooth, no typos, paragraphs, there is no reading difficult situation.

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