Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggested using the experience of love

First I feel

also, since it is the Shanghai dragon can give advice, not to give more explanations and solutions, such as I Shanghai Longfeng novice to some of the items are not very clear what is, let alone how to do this, people begin to doubt its true purpose and significance, this is false".

actually, I had used Google the Shanghai dragon tool, very comprehensive, and a plugin for Google browser is also very good, very detailed list of Web site, will be specific to each picture, using this method to improve the website browsing speed. But I did not stick to it, because it is easy, after all of the new software and tools are E. Love Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng suggestions after I was happy, think this is a Shanghai dragon weapon, not only powerful and easy to use in china. But it was frustrating, and did not bring us rookie real help, and now, there are a lot of people in each big website activation code…

at this point, I hope, only hope, love Shanghai boss can consider comprehensively, do meaningful products, but also to so many fans to support high hopes.


first, percentile evaluation assessment project site, but rarely, make people feel empty.

first show No. seven station memory score: 80 points, the individual is satisfied. Although not good is a good. Specific pictures:

after use is "false, big and empty".

a few days ago on the application to the Shanghai Shanghai dragon Love Advice invitation code, also gave users two. But at that time because just for the love of Shanghai, can not be used. I will try to let the webmaster looking for this invitation code love Shanghai Shanghai dragon suggested today, see him what magic?


second, rely on the love Shanghai statistics platform to get a large number of users, whether the huge amount of users can tell

but the specific how to make a better score, I will not.

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