Not what one can call the Shanghai dragon er

to talk about the current situation in the domestic Shanghai dragon, I see the narrow, inaccurate, hope to master more criticism.

recently saw a predecessor in Shanghai to discuss the problems with the love Click ranking, there are many people worried about this, it seems that Shanghai dragon has lost its meaning. A small software took the Shanghai dragon body of the value of Er make the whole face. In Shanghai dragon Er to worry about the first time, I also have thought this problem. Feel Shanghai dragon Er why is it so easy to follow suit. Before the love of Shanghai share button has been introduced, the user groups follow a lot of love to share and Shanghai brush. The effect is not good to see, are at a loss. I don’t understand is that time as many heart keep standing, why spend so much time? For the use of love Shanghai ranking is even more clicks. Recently you may have not noticed in the keyword index is higher interest competition big love Shanghai recently in the first two page ranking has not been stable, has been on the up and down. From this aspect we can feel the love of Shanghai has become aware of love Shanghai ranked clicks to the quality of the search engine has brought the threat? If you can press this way so I think you do not need to take the use of love Shanghai ranked clicks, more from K station is not you far away. Since black hat exists, then the search engine has introduced the corresponding countermeasures. As far as I know at present a few big station also has the corresponding use love Shanghai ranking clicks, really do not understand a good station website how also follow up the tactics of the black hat. From these we can conclude that Shanghai dragon er.

Shanghai dragon entry low, want to become a master is indeed a very difficult thing. However, people should be suspended in midair, he had not a key word optimization on front page will think Shanghai Longfeng level can be unmatched in the martial arts. Users and never seen their web sites are also a night blooming cereus, quickly disappear from the search engine, can make people happy and worry. Spread the black hat Shanghai dragon technique, let Shanghai dragon industry price into the price of cabbage. Looking back to our thinking again, is Shanghai dragon Er even specific keywords ranking to the first page is the real Shanghai dragon do. This will be after me will be mentioned in the text.

Shanghai Dragon:

The status of

Hello, I am Wei Dongdong. Haven’t seriously write some articles. Want to feel depressed today to write about that period of Shanghai Longfeng experience. The title of the article is "not what one can call Shanghai dragon Er", is my first Internet works. Write the purpose of this paper is not to promote I is a real Shanghai dragon Er, but I am not, so write this article is intended to encourage their second aspects is wary of overly opinionated, the pseudo blind Zimingqinggao a contemptuous disregard Shanghai dragon Er put our Shanghai dragon in this line make the cabbage price gradually. The lost soer unique aura.

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