Porn rampant cheating, uneven in quality pattern of alliance attracted scourgeAs an advertiser, am


can be said to have half of the money every day. Take wings to itself is very angry. To Ali mother on the phone, the customer said please I believe that Ali mother said. No specific treatment advice, a direct stop advertisement of the mom. Today’s announcement prompted by a sudden impulse Ali mother put to click on the results,

below is the daily click count of YAHOO statistics.


August 30th,

the porn rampant cheating, the pattern of uneven in Quality Alliance attracted scourge, recently hit very much, hope that the webmaster at present weight, uuto alliance, VV alliance, the alliance is the judicial investigation, confiscate all servers. CCTV news has reported that the wind is not small, especially in the form of advertising code or text description. I hope everyone will converge! Must not involve huang! Hope the webmaster self correction. I want you to have an CP agent… Business :515157378 they have three not to do.. 1. No porn agency. 2. No registration page, free instructions to cheat consumers 3. No video site. Since the consolidation of the current alliance from the original 16% of the uplink down to 14% of the uplink… We only provide program and interface services… You need only meters and servers to make your own league….



put Ali mom, click advertising for some time, 100 yuan per day limit, 0.08 yuan a click, the theory should be able to click 1250 times,

August 31st,


I want to cry,.

August 29th,


Ali mom records

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