Optimization and the internal web site keywords

Optimization of

generally speaking, as long as our page keywords appear 2-3 times or so, if the length is long, it can appear several times, we also need to accumulate words. Now some Shanghai Longfeng optimization beginners will often ask, how much the appropriate keyword density, in fact not much keyword density and determine the quality of your ranking, we do not need to go to the Shanghai dragon staff pay attention to this density. You can watch your industry ranked in front of the site, keyword density is not the same, is only a small 1-2%, the density of more than 20%.

optimization personnel in our Shanghai Longfeng station in Shanghai Longfeng point of view to analyze the keyword optimization, the most important thing is the original and value. Our natural writing even if there is no keyword optimization so much, the effect.

search engine algorithm now more and more precise and complex, but we think the increase by keywords frequency and density, the value of the page will not increase. So the page keyword frequency and density of us although has certain influence on Shanghai dragon, but now not so much.

we can separate the keywords, can also be combined together, but no separate weight combination weight together, because now love Shanghai for keywords complete matching requirements are higher than other search engines.

so we should be put in the content, or what position is the most suitable? In fact, optimization of the principle and the title, usually in the first 100 words of the article keywords appear weight will be relatively high, so the general recommendation is to have your keywords in the first paragraph of article chapter. In fact, the search engine also think so, we are the first section of the center.

now I found some of that, the search engine algorithm is the number of words appear, then our page more and the related keywords. But our frequency cannot casually added, we must consider how much of our article content, if the content is very few, so that a search engine will think you are the accumulation of keywords, so we must reasonably according to the length of the article to use keywords.

although we can not be too much to improve keyword density correlation, but we can provide web content, by keyword or synonyms Related words involved in the article, it can improve the relevance of the website, search engine can quickly analyze what is our theme, but also related to our words there may be users to search, a combination of more long tail keywords.

Which part of the keyword

we optimize the content of Shanghai dragon is an essential part of the content in the website keywords, we should pay attention to two aspects. One is the frequency of keywords, the other one is the density of key words.

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