To interview eleventh how use the maximum benefit of Shanghai Longfeng technology and Entrepreneur

How to use

, a Shanghai dragon how to profit and benefit maximization

interview date: Thursday night 8:30

Ma Haibin: first of all, I have a profitable way is divided into 3 types: 1, the money flow and information. 2, middle product sales. 3, the upper platform circle.

Ma Haibin: in many of my friends are the personal webmaster, or is engaged in Shanghai Longfeng, engaged in Internet elite talent, so one of the reasons we struggle through it must be to achieve self-worth, and earn money. There are many webmaster profits, I mainly with the Shanghai dragon today, or from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, said that under the different types of sites, the scale of how to profit, or to maximize profits.

host to Qian: Today everyone in Shanghai dragon how to profit and maximum benefit. Interested in, then please explain Mrs. Ma Shanghai dragon how to profit and maximum benefit in


if you do this kind of site of Shanghai dragon, can from the following 3 points: 1, site content. The content of the advertisement click rate, display number, click on price and profit directly linked to factors. 2, we must choose a large amount of search keywords. If you do not search keywords, even if you rank.

three, Shanghai Dragon Technology Entrepreneurship and my entrepreneurial experience

beachintroduction: Shanghai dragon lake person feather expert, teacher

from all contact, advertising is the most common talk. Put some advertising alliance, small CPA, CPM, CPC advertising, such as Google Adsense, love Shanghai advertising alliance. Why this is lower, because it is difficult to expand, but suitable for the novice personal webmaster operation. Advertising is to let the small enterprise itself good advertising investment, small owners can profit. Among them, as the current domestic pop price is about 4 yuan /1000PV Oh, our team often joked: you’re a pop out. On one hand, the profit way difficult to expand, on the other hand is pop in this way the user experience is not good, not suitable for development of the site.


Ma Haibin: Good evening, daytime survive, night map development, so we are late struggle front webmaster friends; thank you for your support. I am honored to have the opportunity through such an opportunity to share with you some of my understanding of Shanghai dragon, learning together in the interaction, Sassafras some ideas; at the same time thanks to such a interview presided over the Internet, electricity providers, thank you for a good platform, optimize the development of

Title: "my interview is how to use the maximum benefit of Shanghai Longfeng technology and entrepreneurship"

Interview guests: Ma Hai bin

two, how to do for their own Shanghai dragon


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