The website of industry relying on search engines

nowadays popular online such a new "disease", relying on search engines, more and more people suffering from this disease, the majority of Internet users have more friends, most of the webmaster friends. Ordinary users to use search engine to search the content they want, while the station is to use the search engine to obtain user traffic, and access to the user. Webmaster circles with "search engine dependency", but what is not much of a problem, is the most restricted habits only; and once the webmaster circles on this disease, it is also a sense of "disease", a considerable part of the webmaster friends can be said to be "regarded as hopeless.", because the search engine to a large extent, determines the part of the site of life and death, but in the webmaster circles looking ahead, can successfully get rid of and cure the disease "webmaster, is very rare.

industry to provide quality services and unique, this is the foundation of all extension methods, and a Shanghai dragon, at best is many of the promotion methods and others.

so, how to get rid of industry website "relying on search engines"? To really do that, fundamentally speaking, is to be centered on the user experience. Take the Chinese glue network as an example, how to "stick" live adhesive related practitioners, we are before the planning, construction, renewal, promotion, operation and other kinds of behavior should be considered first. Perhaps, in this process, we have this kind of problem, but such a concept, we should be all staff identity. This should also be a subconscious, throughout our daily work.

?The development of The development of The website should focus on

Shanghai dragon is only a means rather than purpose. But, what can really bring Shanghai dragon as a means, how many people? Too many owners keep complaining, website and search engines to K, or pulled the hair, flow, there is no income. In fact, study carefully down, most of the site was K, and the site itself still cheating. The probability of search engine website is manslaughter, but there is very little. May I ask, the site was K, the webmaster can really do a

websites rely on search engines, this is no ground for blame. However, excessive dependence on the search engine, make the site faces considerable risks, to keep the user do the long-term development of the industry website, even more so, especially the search engine algorithm is not mature, often changes, this effect is more obvious.

industry site, does not exclude the important role played by the search engine. The development of industry websites rarely deliberately to shield the search engine, so the development of our viscose network after all, there are a large number of professionals, enterprises and individual users, every day in Shanghai, through the love of noble baby, in search of the search and adhesive professional information, technical documents, product knowledge, and viscose adhesive formula for >

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